Page 96 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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board? - No, there was no such thing. That is the only thing that was passed, “Are you all right?” and we said, “Yes,” and the order was passed then, “Are you all right?” and they said, “Yes.” The order was to keep close together. 13049. You had a lot of room in your boat? - Not a lot of room; we had room for a few more. 13050. Did it occur to you that you ought to go back immediately and try to pick up some people? - We could not go back quicker than we did. 13051. How soon after the ship went down did you go back? - It is hard to tell the time we turned round; as soon as we thought we were clear of the suction, the boat turned round; the coxswain turned the boat round, and I am sure we were pulling that way until we came into contact with these boats. That was the first time we came into contact with the boats. 13052. From the time the ship went down to the time you got to where you thought the cries had come from, how long a time was it? - I daresay we were pulling that way for a long while. 13053. How long? - I daresay for fully an hour one way and the other. I am not a navigator. I could not tell you. I had no compass to tell us which way we were going, but that is as near as I can tell you. Mr. Duke: I have no questions. (The Witness withdrew.) FREDERICK SHEATH, Sworn. Examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL. 13054. Is your name Frederick Sheath? - Yes. 13055. Are you a trimmer? - Yes. 13056. Were you one of the people ordered into this emergency boat, No. 1? - Yes. 13057. Do you remember the boat being lowered to the water? - Yes. 13058. Did you hear any order given, as the boat was leaving the “Titanic,” to Symons, who was in charge of the boat? - No. 13059. You did not hear it? - No. 13060. Where were you sitting in No. 1? - The after-mid. 13061. Were you rowing? - Yes. 13062. And the man called Symons was steering I think? - Yes. 13063. I want to see where you were. Was anybody else on the same thwart with you? - One lady, but I could not say who it was. 13064. Who was in front of you, next nearest the stern? - One gentleman whose name I do not know and Pusey, a fireman. 13065. And after that again in the stern of the boat? - There was a lady and a gentleman, and the coxswain Symons. 13066. You were on the second thwart from the stern? - Yes. 13067. Do you know who was behind you? - Only Taylor - that is all I know - a fireman. 13068. Taylor, who has given evidence here? There was another lady in the boat, was there not? - Yes. 13069. Where was the other lady? - Right aft. 13070. Do you mean nearer the stern than you? - Yes, right aft. 13071. This is what we want to know. When the “Titanic” went down did you hear any talk or discussion in the boat as to what should be done? - No. 13072. Nothing at all? - No. 13073. Did you hear any orders given by Symons? - No, only to pull away from the ship, that
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