Page 95 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 95
row away from here. This is a light boat, and there may be suction when the ship goes down; let us pull away”? - No, Sir. 13025. If a passenger, Mr. Stengel, stated to the American Enquiry that he said that, is it untrue? - It is untrue. 13026. Is not this the case, that you were close to the bow of this boat? - On the fore thwart of the boat. 13027. And that Mr. Stengel was in the stern? - They were all in the stern of the boat. There was me and another man in the front of the fore thwart, and there was a sailor on the look-out in front of the boat. I do not know their names. 13028. Is it not possible that this might have been said by a passenger? - I would have heard it if it had been said on account of being in a small boat. 13029. You do not remember one of the passengers saying anything like this? - No. 13030. He said that he made this statement, and then he says, “The other passengers agreed, and we pulled away from the ‘Titanic’”? - That is wrong. 13031. Then he is asked - “(A.) I beg your pardon, it is wrong to a certain extent, but when the suction was on I know there was something passed, but who said it I cannot answer at all. We pulled away just for the time of the suction, and it was for a very short time. 13032. There was some conversation about suction? - Certainly. 13033. But you do not know whether it was by a passenger or by a member of the crew? - I think the majority of it was passed between the crew. 13034. But you could not say whether one of the passengers said it? - I could not say for certain. Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 13035. Did you hear anything said in the boat about money? - Nothing at all. 13036. When did you hear any talk about money? - When I carried the coat of a gentleman whose name I did not know up the ladder. 13037. Then it was not Hendrickson who carried the coat? - No, it was not. 13038. Was it you who got the names of the crew? - No, the gentleman asked me to get the names of the crew, but I went naturally enough, as I would do, and told the others who were in the boat, and Hendrickson took it into his own hand. 13039. But you were the man asked to get the names? - Yes. 13040. And up to that time you knew nothing at all about it? - Not until we received the envelope; we did not know what it was, and it came as a surprise to us. 13041. Did you hear any lady in the boat say anything about the danger of swamping? - Nothing at all. 13042. Did you hear No. 13 boat hail you? - We heard one boat, but I could not tell you what boat it was. 13043. What did you hear? - The only thing I heard was that Hendrickson shouted to that boat passing some name: “Are you all right?” and the order came back, “Yes,” and we said “All right.” We passed the word right through then: “Keep as close together as we possibly can.” 13044. Right through where? - As many of the boats as were round about. 13045. You saw a number of boats? - Not a number, but two or three. Of course, that is a number. 13046. Do you remember the number of either of the boats that hailed you? - I could not see the numbers of the boats in the dark; in fact, I did not know the numbers of the boats at all. 13047. Did you hear anybody shout out the number of the boat? - No, I did not. 13048. Did you hear anybody shout from a boat asking you to take some of their passengers on
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