Page 92 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 92
12968. And then you were advertised as having written and signed this false article? - That is it. 12969. And was that published in various papers, did you find? - Oh, all over - everywhere. 12970. But you had not seen this in the “Daily News” till when? - Just now; here. Mr. Duke: I think that is all I need ask. The Attorney-General: I do not ask anything. The Commissioner: Do you want to ask anything, Sir Robert? Sir Robert Finlay: No, my Lord. (The Witness withdrew.) The Attorney-General: There are other members of the crew here, but I do not propose to call them. I understand my friend does not ask me to call them, and I do not suggest they would throw any light on the matter, or that anything they would say would contain any suggestion either against Sir Cosmo or Lady Duff-Gordon. Mr. Duke: Upon that understanding that neither of the members of the crew corroborates either Hendrickson or Taylor upon that subject. I have nothing more to say. The Attorney-General: No, I cannot do that; I will not do that. Mr. Duke: Then I would rather my friend should call any witness he thinks will throw light upon it. The Attorney-General: I can give no undertaking of that kind. I should have thought it was quite plain that I could not. I thought they would not be able to help us very much; I thought we had got the story. The Commissioner: I do not think they will be able to help us at all, but still, in the circumstances, I think you must put them into the box. The Attorney-General: Certainly, my Lord; they shall be called. The Commissioner: I hope you will be able to take those witnesses quite shortly. They are put into the box more for Mr. Duke. The Attorney-General: Yes, my Lord. I will call Collins first. The Commissioner: I do not know whether you desire the other two witnesses to be out of Court while Collins is examined. The Attorney-General: I do not. The Commissioner: If not, I think it would be convenient to have them in Court. Do you object, Mr. Duke? Mr. Duke: No, my Lord, I concur, if I may say so. The Attorney-General: All the other witnesses have been in Court whilst we have been enquiring into this part of the story. The Commissioner: Very well. SAMUEL COLLINS, Sworn. Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 12971. Were you at the time of this disaster serving as a fireman on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 12972. Now you, in fact, got away, did you not, in the emergency boat on the starboard side? - That is quite right. 12973. I am going to take you straight to that. Did you help to lower that boat? - I helped to lower that boat - to get it ready to lower is not to lower it. 12974. And later on was it lowered? - It was lowered.
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