Page 89 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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“suction” I was not sure of. I see what you mean. 12895. It is not what I mean, Lady Duff-Gordon. It is what you are said to have said to your solicitor? - Well, I may have said so. 12896. “Such an enormous boat”; that is referring to the “Titanic”? - Yes. 12897. “None of us know what the suction may be if she is a goner”? - That was, I am sure, long before the “Titanic” sank. 12898. That is what I was asking you? - Yes. 12899. I put it to you, but I do not think you appreciated the question? - No, I did not. 12900. It was before the “Titanic” sank? - Yes, it was before. 12901. Now after the “Titanic” sank you still continued to be seasick, I understand? - Yes, terribly. 12902. I only want to ask you one question about that. Tell me first of all do you recollect very well what happened when you were in the boat? - No. 12903. Your mind is hazy about it? - Very. 12904. There may have been some talk which you would not recollect, I suppose? - Well, I do not know. 12905. You think you might? - I think I would. 12906. I will put to you definitely what is said with reference to yourself. Did you hear after the “Titanic” had sunk the cries of the people who were drowning? - No; after the “Titanic” sank I never heard a cry. 12907. You never heard anything? - No, not after the “Titanic” sank. 12908. Did not you hear cries at all? - Yes, before she sank; terrible cries. 12909. Before she sank? - Yes. 12910. Did you see her sink? - I did. 12911. You mean you heard nothing at all after that? - My impression was that there was absolute silence. 12912. Were your men rowing? - Yes. 12913. What, all the time? - No, they began to row as soon as the boat went down. 12914. Did you hear a proposal made that you should go back to where the “Titanic” was sunk? - No. 12915. Did you hear any shouting in your boat. It would be better if you would attend to me? - I am listening. 12916. Did you hear anybody shout out in the boat that you ought to go back? - No. 12917. With the object of saving people who were in the “Titanic”? - No. 12918. You knew there were people in the “Titanic,” did you not? - No, I did not think so; I do not think I was thinking anything about it. 12919. Did you say that it would be dangerous to go back, that you might get swamped? - No. Mr. Scanlan: I have no question. Mr. Harbinson: I do not wish to ask anything. Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 12920. There is one question. Have you seen in the London “Daily News” what purports to be an article specially written by yourself in America? - I have. 12921. Did you write such an article? - No. 12922. It is an entire invention from beginning to end? - Which article? 12923. The one in the “Daily News” which appeared on the 20th April? - Yes, it is rather inventive. A man wrote it from what he thought he heard me saying. 12924. (The Commissioner.) Do you mean to say that somebody came to interview you? - Oh,
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