Page 88 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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Miss Franks and myself were left standing on the deck. There were no other people on the deck at all visible and I had quite made up my mind that I was going to be drowned, and then suddenly we saw this little boat in front of us - this little thing (Pointing on the model.) - and we saw some sailors, and an officer apparently giving them orders and I said to my husband “Ought we not to be doing something?” He said, “Oh, we must wait for orders” and we stood there for quite some time while these men were fixing up things, and then my husband went forward and said, “Might we get into this boat?” and the officer said in a very polite way indeed “Oh certainly; do; I will be very pleased.” Then somebody hitched me up from the deck and pitched me into the boat and then I think Miss Franks [Miss Laura Francatelli] was pitched in. It was not a case of getting in at all. We could not have got in, it was quite high. They pitched us up in this sort of way (indicating) into the boat and after we had been in a little while the boat was started to be lowered and one American gentleman got pitched in, and one American gentleman was pitched in while the boat was being lowered down. 12876. (The Attorney-General.) I think it is right to say that Mr. Stengel rather confirms that statement if your Lordship will remember. It is not right according to him that the three of them came running up as Symons said. He says he did come up afterwards and was rolled into the boat. (To the Witness.) Now you will remember when you got into the boat, and before the “Titanic” sank, did the men start rowing away from the “Titanic”? - Oh, the moment we touched the water the men began rowing. 12877. Had you heard any orders given? - Yes. 12878. Do you remember what they were? - As far as I can remember, it was to row quickly away from the boat for about 200 yards. 12879. “And come back if called upon”? - No. 12880. You did not hear that? - Oh, no. 12881. I do not quite understand? - I did not hear that. 12882. You did not hear it? - No. 12883. As far as you knew all they had to do was to row out 200 yards? - Yes. 12884. Then did the men commence doing that? - At once. 12885. And did you hear any conversation at all in the boat before the “Titanic” sank? - No. 12886. Did you understand the question I was putting to you? - No, I did not hear it. In our little boat? 12887. Yes? - No. Mr. Duke: She said no. 12888. (The Attorney-General.) But I have her proof before me, and that is why I was not sure she understood the question? - I have no recollection 12889. Let me ask you again. I am speaking to you of before the “Titanic” sank. You understand? - Yes. 12890. What I am asking you is: Before she sank did you hear the men saying anything in the boat? - No. 12891. Did you hear anything said about suction? - Well, perhaps I may have heard it, but I was terribly sick, and I could not swear to it. 12892. What? - I was awfully sick; I do not think I could swear to it. I am asking you about something which I understand you have said quite recently. The Commissioner: Read it to her. The Witness: Yes, will you, please? 12893. (The Attorney-General.) I am asking you about something which I only know from your statement to your solicitor. Did you hear a voice say, “Let us get away”? - Yes, I think so. 12894. Did you hear it said, “It is such an enormous boat; none of us know what the suction may be if she is a goner”? - Yes, I heard them speaking of the enormous boat. It was the word
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