Page 87 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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Monday night. 12860. And found that Hendrickson had made his statement? - Yes. I was met there. Re-examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 12861. One matter I want to ask you about. You heard a passenger talking, giving directions in the boat? - Well, he was not giving directions, but he was saying, “Let us go here,” and “Boat ahoy.” 12862. Was there any conversation between him and you as to which way you should go? - No, there was only one remark I made to him. 12863. What was that? - To ask him to be quiet. 12864. Was that Mr. Stengel? - Is it necessary to say who? 12865. Well, it is necessary, if you can. I do not know why you should not, if you can tell us. Can you tell us? - I can, perfectly. 12866. Well, who was it? - Yes, it was he. 12867. I asked you because I see he has been examined in America, and I want to call your th attention to this statement of his. I am reading from the 30 April, my Lord, at page 14 of the Enquiry before the Senate Commission. “Do you know who gave directions? - (A.) I think between Sir Duff-Gordon and myself we decided which way to go.” That is what Mr. Stengel said? - I think it is wrong. 12868. What? - It is not the case. There was no question at all. I never spoke to the coxswain in any way to give him any directions. The Attorney-General: That is all I want to ask you. The Commissioner: Do you want to ask anything, Sir Robert? Sir Robert Finlay: No, my Lord. (The Witness withdrew.) Mr. Duke: Lady Duff-Gordon is here, Mr. Attorney. The Attorney-General: My friend wishes Lady Duff-Gordon to be called, and, of course, I will examine her. I propose to take her at once to the point at issue. LADY DUFF-GORDON, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 12869. Lady Duff-Gordon, you will remember on the night of this disaster to the “Titanic,” you were wakened, I think, by the collision? - I was. 12870. I only want you to tell me one thing before we get to the boat, had there been offers to you to go into any of the lifeboats? - Oh, yes, they came and tried to drag me away. 12871. You mean some of the sailors? - The sailors. I was holding my husband’s arm. They were very anxious that I should go. 12872. And you refused to go? - Absolutely. 12873. Well, eventually you did go with your husband, as we know, in what has been called the emergency boat? - Yes, I did. 12874. Just tell us quite shortly - I do not want to go into it in any detail - but quite shortly, how it was you went into that boat. Do you remember? - Oh, quite well. 12875. Well, would you tell my Lord? - After the three boats had gone down, my husband,
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