Page 85 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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12815. Up to the time when you had the conversation with the man who was beside you about his kit, had there been any suggestion from anybody as to what should be done with the boat? - No. 12816. Or whether she should row? - No, there was no suggestion at all. 12817. With regard to the sum of money you promised, have you told the Court the whole of the truth about that matter? - I told the whole incident on Friday. The Commissioner: I should like you to ask him in what circumstances on board the “Carpathia” the money was given. Mr. Duke: I am obliged to your Lordship, and I will deal with it. May I just complete this matter? The Commissioner: Certainly. 12818. (Mr. Duke.) First of all with regard to the time you were in the boat, was anything going on at the time of the conversation with one of the men about his kit which had anything at all to do with the disposition of the boat? - No, all was silence. 12819. You have told the Court that you do not know and you do not say it was Taylor. Were you sitting on the same seat during the whole time? - I was, but the man next to me changed once in the middle of the row to the “Carpathia.” It was a stiff row, and the man got up and changed. The man next to me got tired. 12820. And there was a change of men rowing? - Yes. 12821. Was it before or after that change, as far as you are able to tell us, that the conversation took place about kits? - Before. 12822. Now bring your mind to the time when the boat came to the side of the “Carpathia.” At that time was there any one man in the boat whom you could have distinguished from any of the others? - No. 12823. How did it come about that you distinguished Hendrickson from any other man in the boat? - There was a hitch with one of the men getting up the ladder, and they had to send down a rope to pull him up, and the only man that was left in the boat with me was Hendrickson. I spoke to him then, and I said, “Are you the man who was sitting next to me?” I understood him to say, “Yes.” I said, “All right,” and he said “Yes,” or something of that sort. 12824-5. And had you then a conversation in regard to getting the names, or was it subsequently? - I think it was as soon as we got on board. 12826. Did Hendrickson give you some assistance in getting on board the “Carpathia”? - Yes, he did. 12827. When you and he were both on board the “Carpathia” what next took place with regard to money? - I said to him, “If you will get the men’s names I will see that they get some money in a few days or give them a cheque shortly,” or something of that sort. 12828. Did you say any more to him at that time? - No. Oh, do you mean later? 12829. No, I mean on that occasion about money. At the time when you and he were both on the deck together? - No. 12830. When was the next time you saw Hendrickson about the matter? - I saw him, I think, the next day. He came up and drew my attention to himself. I told him to. He had given me a list the same day. 12831. Did he give you a list the same day? - Yes, the same day. 12832. Some time on the same day as you went on board the “Carpathia” in the morning he brought you that list which I have handed in to my Lord? - Yes. 12833. Did he tell you which he was in the list? - Yes, I understood him to be Hendrickson. 12834. You told my Lord that he called attention to himself the next day, as you had bidden him do? - Yes. 12835. He touched his cap to you? - Yes.
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