Page 83 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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before we sighted the “Carpathia.” It was early morning. Before it was light we came up close to it. We saw it, and very naturally rowed towards it to keep company, so as not to be left, and there was a conversation between a man in our boat and one of the crew in their boat. He called out “Who have you got there,” and he answered and said whom had he got there. 12769. You do not remember being hailed and asked if you had room in that boat for more? - No, no, no; we were not, certainly. 12770. And you do not remember anyone saying “Do not go near the boat they might jump on ours”? - No, I do not think so. The Commissioner: Is this all out of some newspaper? Mr. Lewis: No, my Lord. Examined by Mr. DUKE. Mr. Duke: I think there is no one else to cross-examine? The Commissioner: No. 12771. (Mr. Duke - To the Witness.) I shall not ask you many questions, Sir Cosmo. I will ask you first of all with regard to those reports which were set on foot in America. Were there great numbers of them? - Yes, there were. 12772. And did you see many of them? - Yes. 12773. So far as you saw were they true or were they inventions? - They were all inventions. 12774. Did they report interviews with Lady Duff-Gordon? - Yes. 12775. Did you know whether they had taken place or not? - I knew they had not. 12776. You have been asked a great many questions today to which I think you have said that that was what was said in those papers? - Yes. 12777. Now I come back to the real matter. First of all, will you bring your mind as closely as you can to the time before the emergency boat was launched? - Yes. 12778. How many lifeboats were launched in your presence? - Three. 12779. Had Lady Duff-Gordon an offer and pressure put upon her to go in each of those boats? - In each or in two of them - I am not sure. 12780. Two you know of? - Two I remember perfectly. 12781. And did she refuse to go? - She absolutely refused. 12782. Had Miss Francatelli the offer to go in each of those boats? - Yes, on each occasion. 12783. Did she refuse? - Yes, I asked her to go. 12784. And did you press your wife to go? - No, I did not press her to go. 12785. A conversation took place between you and her? - Yes. 12786. Now it is suggested, you know - perhaps you do not know - that there was some arrangement between the captain and Mr. Ismay and you by which a boat was to be put at your service. Is there a scrap of foundation for that? - No. 12787. Had you ever had any conversation with Mr. Ismay? - No. 12788. Down to the time this ship sank? - Never at all in my life, I have not. 12789. Had you any conversation with the captain? - Never. 12790. Was there any suggestion from you to anybody that either you or your wife or Miss Francatelli should be provided for in any boat up to the time you asked the officer of the boat if you might go in? - Never. 12791. Then it was suggested that Mrs. Astor was on board this boat. Is there any foundation for that at all in any way? - None. 12792. Did you know anything as to the boat in which Mrs. Astor had gone? - No, I did not. 12793. Just one question more with regard to all these matters. Was there anything in the nature of arrangement previous to your suggestion to the officer - might you go in that boat? -
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