Page 81 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 81
Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 12728. You have had some of the evidence of the witness Symons read out to you, in which reference was made to Mr. Murdoch. Did you see Mr. Murdoch on the deck that night? - I did not know any one of the officers by sight at all. I know none. 12729. Did you see the captain anywhere about when your boat was lowered? - No. 12730. After your boat had left the ship did you hear any orders given by megaphone? - No. 12731. Did you hear anything said about gangways as your boat was being lowered? - No, I heard nothing. 12732. Had you seen the people being put into boats No. 5 and No. 3? - I had not seen them, because I was leaning at the back of the crowd. I was leaning against the deckhouse, but I knew they were being put in. 12733. Was there some difficulty in getting them to go into the boat? - I could not see that. 12734. Could you see whether anyone had to be forced to go into the boat? - No, I could see none of them. I was standing right back. 12735. But so far as you could see there were no people left on that deck, in fact, at the time when you got into the boat? - No, except a few of the crew. 12736. The crew who were lowering the boat? - Yes. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 12737. Have you seen the evidence of the witness Hendrickson? - Yes. 12738. When Hendrickson states that he suggested you should go back, did you hear that? - No. 12739. You did not hear him make that suggestion? - No. 12740. And he states that Lady Duff-Gordon objected to go back; is that true or untrue? - It is untrue. What do you mean? Will you say it again? 12741. He said he suggested that they should go back and try to save somebody? - Yes. 12742. And he also said that Lady Duff-Gordon objected and said the boat would be swamped, and he also stated that you upheld Lady Duff-Gordon’s objection. Is that true or untrue? - It is not true. 12743. Do you know the man Taylor? - Yes. 12744. He sat next to you in the boat? - Apparently; I do not know that yet. 12745. He states he sat next to you in the boat? - Yes. 12746. And you had a conversation with him in the boat? - Did I? 12747. He said so? - I think I had a conversation with the man next to me. Taylor said he did not have a conversation of the sort with me. 12748. Taylor admits he had a conversation with you? - Here? 12749. Yes, here? - Oh, I was referring rather to this conversation about the £5 note. 12750. What I am trying to point out is this: Taylor was the man who sat next to you? - Was he? 12751. Yes? - I daresay I cannot say; it was pitch dark; I cannot say at all. 12752. He knew you, if you did not know him? - He said he did not, I remember. 12753. Yes, he said he knew you at the time. He did not know Lady Duff-Gordon until afterwards. She was pointed out to him, and now he knows her? - Oh! He states he heard her say that the boat would be swamped if it went back. The Commissioner: He said he did not know who it was. Mr. Cotter: But later he did, my Lord.
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