Page 74 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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The Commissioner: Is Mr. Lowe here? The Attorney-General: He will be here; I do not know whether he is here at the moment. (Mr. Lowe stood up in the Court.) 12621. (Mr. Scanlan - To the Witness.) Is that the officer? - I could not say; it was dark. I did not know it was he. I said I was told so two days ago. 12622. Of your own knowledge you do not know? - Of my own knowledge I can say nothing. 12623. Just as your party was about to embark on that boat did you hear the officer say, “Are you ready, Lady Gordon?”? - No. 12624. Did you have any conversation with the officer? - Nothing, except what I told you. 12625. Did he know who you were? - Not the least - at least, I do not know whether he knew me; I did not know him. 12626. I suppose most of the officers would know you? - No, not one of them. 12627. You are a frequent traveler? - I have never been across the Atlantic in that way before in my life. 12628. Did you see Mr. Ismay on the boat deck? - No, I did not. 12629. Did you know him? - No. 12630. So that you would not be able to recognise him? - Yes, I should have been then, because I had seen him at dinner that night. 12631. Did you see the captain that night? - Yes; it was the only time I did see him, I think. 12632. (The Commissioner.) Was the captain dining with Mr. Ismay? - No, my Lord; Mr. Ismay was dining alone with Dr. McLaughlin. [O’Loughlin] 12633. Is that right Mr. Ismay was dining alone? - Alone with Dr. McLaughlin. [O’Loughlin] 19634. I mean with one other man? - Yes. 12635. He was not giving a dinner party? - No, he was dining quite alone with Dr. McLaughlin [O’Loughlin]. I was three or four tables off. The reason why I ask that question is that I have had sent to me by some lady, who says that her husband was drowned in this calamity, what is called a “menu” of a dinner given, as it is alleged, by Mr. Bruce Ismay. What it has to do with this Inquiry I am quite at a loss to know, but I do not believe myself that it is a menu of any dinner he gave at all. The Attorney-General: At a later stage we shall call Mr. Bruce Ismay before your Lordship. 12636. (The Commissioner.) It is quite possible, I believe that this thing which was published in some French paper was a list of the dishes that could be had. It is a very common thing on board a ship to publish each day a list of dishes from which you can select? - Yes. 12637. However, you say Mr. Bruce Ismay was not giving any dinner? - None. 12638. Certainly not to the captain? - No, he was alone. 12639. (Mr. Scanlan.) Now, did you see the captain at dinner that night? - I do not know, I saw him just after dinner just outside. 12640. (Mr. Scanlan.) May I ask this question, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Was the captain in uniform when you saw him? - Yes. 12641. Or in evening dress? Was he in uniform or evening dress? - I think he was in evening uniform. 12642. Has your attention been called to what purports to be an article written and signed by Lady Duff-Gordon in the “Daily News” for April 20th? - I have seen it, I think; yes - at least, I have not seen that in the English papers; I saw one in the American papers. 12643. Have you seen an article by her in the “New York American”? - Yes, it was not by her, but I have seen what you mean. 12644. Do you know whether or not this is authentic? - If you tell me what it is about I could answer better. 12645. I will hand it to you. It is in the second column. (Handing a paper to the Witness.) It
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