Page 7 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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11094. About the lowering of the boat - the manning of the boat and the lowering of her? Is that the first you know? - No, it is not the first. When I got round the boat, I was at the boatswain end at the same time the officer was firing his rockets. After the officer finished firing the rockets he sung out, “How many seamen are there in the boat?” 11095. At that time were there men in this dinghy? - Yes, two seamen. 11096. You say the officer asked how many seamen there were? - In the boat. They answered, “Two.” 11097. Did he then order in some firemen, or was it subsequently? - He called out, first of all, were there any more seamen there, and he got no reply, and he said, “Six firemen jump in that boat.” 11098. And did the six firemen jump into the boat? - Five, I found out after. 11099. Were you one of the five? - Yes. 11100. Did you hear what he said about ladies or passengers? - He called out was there any more ladies about, and got no answer, and then gave the order to lower away. 11101. But before that had you seen the lady you now know as Lady Duff-Gordon? - Not at the time. 11102. Not at the time? - No. 11103. Had you seen her at all until you were in the boat and were rowing? - Not to take notice. 11104. Did you become aware of the circumstances under which she was in the boat at all? - No. 11105. Was the first you knew about her that she was in the boat when you were rowing? - The first time I saw the lady was in the boat. 11106. The first time you knew of her being there? - Yes. 11107. And you did not hear anything of the conversation which led to her going into the boat? - No. 11108. You were standing by. Had you become aware that she had refused to leave her husband and refused to leave the ship in either of the lifeboats that had been lowered on that side of the ship at that end? - No, I do not know. 11109. You did not know about that? Did you hear what the officer said when the boat had been lowered and was afloat? - The officer called out and said: “Stand by and come back if called.” 11110. Now, stop a minute. Did he first say, “Who is the seaman who is there?” - Oh, yes. He called his name. 11111. Was it Simmons or Symons? - I do not know whether it was Symons or Simmons. 11112. We will call him Simmons. Did Simmons say - Simmons, the look-out? - I did not know his capacity at all. 11113. I am asking you what he said to the officer? - The officer told him to take command of the boat. 11114. Did the officer say to him, “Now you take command of this boat. These men are under your orders, and see they obey you”? - Yes, I remember that. 11115. And did he then say to him, “Follow the other boats”? - I never heard that. 11116. “Row as hard as you can for about 200 yards, to get away from the ship”? - No, I never heard that. 11117. Just think it over? - I do not remember it, Sir. 11118. You would not say he did not say it? - No, I would not say he did not say it, but I do not remember him saying it. 11119. Did the boat, in fact, stand by at 150 or 200 yards? - We were just pulling around there about that distance.
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