Page 63 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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remember much at all about it. I only know that I heard explosions. Sir Robert Finlay: I have nothing to ask. (The Witness withdrew.) The Attorney-General: We have other members of the crew here, but I think it would be better to call Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon straight away. The Commissioner: If Mr. Duke wants them they can be called. The Attorney-General: I have them, and if they are required I will put them in the box. Mr. Duke: I may say that if Mr. Attorney finds in any statement anything which needs explaining by Sir Cosmo, it will be put to him, and if not I shall assume they make no statement reflecting upon either Sir Cosmo or Lady Duff-Gordon. Sir COSMO DUFF-GORDON, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 12448. Were you a passenger on board the “Titanic” on this voyage? - Yes. 12449. On the night of the disaster were you asleep at the time of the collision? - Yes. 12450. What woke you? - My wife woke me. 12451. Was that about a quarter to 12? - I think so. 12452. Just after the impact with the iceberg? - Yes. 12453. Did you get up? - Not at first. 12454. Did you hear that there had been a collision with an iceberg? - No. As soon as I got up I went out on the deck, and there saw two or three men, who said we were supposed to have run into an iceberg, but it was all right. I went the other side, and could see nothing. 12455. Was there any escaping steam at the time? - Well, the next time I went up it was dreadful - the noise. 12456. How long after was it you went up again? - I went up to the boat deck afterwards, and the noise there was perfectly indescribable. 12457. Do you mean from blowing off the steam? - Yes, from blowing off the steam. 12458. Did you notice whether the vessel had any list at all? - I did not, but the men I spoke to told me that there was. 12459. A list to starboard? - A list to starboard. 12460. Another passenger, do you mean? - Yes, another passenger; it was Colonel Astor. 12461. Who went down with the vessel? - Yes. 12462. Was she at that time down by the head? - He said so, I did not notice it; I am not accustomed so much. 12463. Did you then go back and tell your wife to dress? - Yes. 12464. Did you remain there while she dressed, or did you go up again? - I went up again later. 12465. Did you see whether anything was being done with the boats? - Yes, I saw men stripping the lifeboat. 12466. Did you go down to your cabin again? - I went down again then and I told her, and I began to dress myself. 12467. When you came up before you were not fully dressed? - No, not at all dressed. 12468. Had you heard at that time what the Captain’s orders were? - No. 12469. Did the steward come to the cabin and tell you anything? - The steward came and said, “The Captain’s orders are that the ladies are to put on lifebelts.” 12470. And where were they to go? - To go up to the boat deck.
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