Page 61 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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12389. From the time your boat was lowered did you commence to row towards those lights? - No, we pulled a little away from the ship and then stopped. 12390. How long did you stop? - I should say about a quarter of an hour. 12391. And then did you commence to row towards the lights? - Yes. 12392. Was that before the “Titanic” went down? - Yes, before the “Titanic” went down. 12393. So that when the “Titanic” went down you were actually rowing towards those lights? - Yes. And disobeying the orders that were given you? Examined by Mr. EDWARDS. 12394. How long had this boat been ready to be lowered before it was in fact lowered? - The boat is always supposed to be ready, the emergency boats are. 12395. I will put in this way. How soon was this boat lowered after the last person got into it? - About five minutes after the last person got in. 12396. Do you know who the last person was? - No. 12397. Was it a lady or a gentleman? - I could not say. 12398. Did you see them going in? - Yes, I saw them getting into the boat. 12399. How long had you been in the boat before they got in? - A very few minutes; about five minutes. 12400. Who gave the orders to lower away? - Mr. Murdoch, the First Officer. 12401. How do you know that it was Mr. Murdoch? - We have been together long enough, we ought to know each other. 12402. You say it was Mr. Murdoch? - Yes. 12403. Was he the officer who gave the instructions about standing by? - Yes. 12404. As I understand, you were right up the front end of the boat? - Yes, right in the bow of the boat. 12405. In what position in relation to where you were was Hendrickson? - He was abaft me. 12406. With his back towards you? - Yes, back towards me. 12407. So I suppose it would have been possible for Hendrickson to have said something to somebody still further abaft without your hearing? - That is right, Sir. 12408. Did you see anybody seasick in your boat? - Yes. 12409. Who? - A lady. 12410. Where was she sitting? - The starboard side of the boat. 12411. Was she sitting alone? - I think there was another man pulling an oar alongside of her. 12412 How far away was that from you? - A very short distance, about two or three thwarts. 12413. Did you hear this lady say anything? - No. 12414. Nothing at all? Now, have you had a present? - Yes, I had a present given to me two days after we got on board the “Carpathia.” 12415. When did you first hear anything about the present? - I did not know anything about that until they sent for me. 12416. Who sent for you? - Some gentleman. 12417. Who was that gentleman? - Mr. Duff-Gordon, I think. 12418. Has anyone seen you take a statement on behalf of Sir Duff-Gordon? - No. 12419. Nobody at all? - No. Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 12420. Did you see whether there were any passengers, male or female, left on the deck when
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