Page 6 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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Then on page 115, Question 5187, begins the reference to the money - that goes to 5190. There are just those four questions by Mr. Edwards. Then it is taken up again later in the examination by Mr. Lewis from the beginning; at Question 5192 it begins. It continues to Question 5219, and that is the end of it. Your Lordship will observe you put a series of questions from 5198 to 5212, which summarised the position as regards the money. The Commissioner: Now, where is Hendrickson? CHARLES HENDRICKSON, Recalled. The Commissioner: Now, Mr. Laing. Mr. Laing: I have only one Question I want to ask him. Examined by Mr. LAING. 11072. When your boat No. 1 was lowered into the water did you see any other steamers’ lights near? - No. 11073. Nothing at all? - No, I saw a light while I was on board the “Titanic.” 11074. Before she was lowered, you mean? - Yes. 11075. What light did you see? - I saw a bright light. 11076. What did you take it to be? - A ship, five or six miles ahead of us. 11077. I think you have told us when the officer told you to lower away he told you to keep near the ship and come back if called on? - Yes. 11078. Did you hear any calling? - No. 11079. Was there anybody using the megaphone on board? - I could not say; I do not know. Examined by Mr. DUKE. 11080. The boat was what is called a dinghy, was not she? - Yes, an accident or emergency boat. 11081. Are you a seaman? - No, a fireman. 11082. Perhaps you are not able to express any opinion as to whether she was the sort of boat that was ever intended to navigate in the Atlantic? - I do not know; I do not understand a boat. 11083. Were you there when the lifeboats put off? - Yes. 11084. You saw them put off. I mean the lifeboats on the starboard forward quarter? - No, not the starboard, the port side. 11085. I am speaking of the lifeboats on the starboard side forward? - I saw one or two, that is all. 11086. Did you see the boat that was launched next before the dinghy was lowered? - I never took that notice. 11087. Were you there at the time? - I was there at the bridge then - the fore end. 11088. Was it Mr. Murdoch that was giving orders as to the boats? - I do not know. 11089. Did you know Mr. Murdoch? - I did not know him. The only officer I saw there was the officer who fired the rockets. 11090. Did not you see the officer who was giving the orders as to the boats? - I saw him, but I did not recognise him; I did not see his features. 11091. Was that because of the darkness? - Yes. 11092. Did you hear what he said? - He told me after we got into the boat and were lowering down: “Come back if you are called upon.” 11093. Is that the first you know about it? - About what?
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