Page 58 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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12314. (The Commissioner.) Can you give us the New York time? - I could not tell you without referring to the Log Book. 12315. Have you a Log? - I have not the Log here. 12315A. (The Attorney - General.) Will you send it to us? - I can do that, certainly. 12316. Will you do that and tell us as nearly as you can; it is only for the purpose of seeing where you were when you sent that Marconigram. Will you send it to us and we will work it out and produce to the Court what your position was? - Yes. 12317. (The Commissioner.) At 9 a.m., it was sent; was that ships time? - Yes. 12318. And 9.44, the answer; was that ships’ time? - Yes, my ships’ time - the time it was received. Mr. Scanlan: I have nothing to ask this witness on the evidence he has given. I am submitting to your Lordship whether I would be in order to examine him on some general matters that have been brought up in this Inquiry as to look-out and lifeboats and manning. I submit the matter for your Lordship. The Commissioner: I am not going to shut it out, but I think, as this gentleman is in a hurry to get away, you might forgive him, and let him go. Mr. Scanlan: Yes, my Lord. (The Witness withdrew.) ALBERT EDWARD JAMES HORSWILL, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. The Commissioner: Where was this man in the boat? The Attorney-General: He was right in the bow, my Lord; he is the other seaman. The Commissioner: How many of the men from this boat have we had? We have had three. The Attorney-General: Yes. The Commissioner: This is the fourth? 12319. (The Attorney - General.) So far, we have had Hendrickson, Symons, and Taylor. Now you are going to have the other seaman, who was in the bow. (To the Witness.) Are you an able seaman? - Yes. 12320. Were you on board the “Titanic”? - Yes. 12321. (The Attorney - General.) I want to go straight to the point, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Do you remember being ordered into the emergency boat on the starboard side? - Yes. 12322. Who ordered you to get into the boat? - The First Officer, Mr. Murdoch. 12323. Do you know Mr. Lowe? - Yes. 12324. The Fifth Officer? - Yes. 12325. Was he about at the time? - I did not see him. 12326. Then you were ordered into the boat, and did you get in? - Yes. 12327. Were there any passengers in when you got into the boat? - No, nobody at all. 12328. After you had got in, five passengers were in your boat and you were seven crew all told? - Yes. 12329. That is right. Now there was plenty of room in the boat for others? - Yes. 12330. Do you remember what the orders were that were given to the boat when she was lowered? - Yes. 12331. Will you tell me what they were? - To lower the boat and lay off the ship. 12332. And come back when called? - Yes. 12333. Let me put it to you as we have had it. Was the boat told to stand off a little way and
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