Page 55 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 55
Examined by MR. DUKE. 12255. This is Lady Duff-Gordon sitting here. Perhaps you do not know. That is the lady. Is that the one? - I think so. 12256. You could see nobody’s faces in the boat, could you? - No, it was quite dark. 12257. You could not see this gentleman (pointing to Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon.) could you? - Not like I can now. 12258. (The Commissioner.) Did he offer you a cigar? - Not me. The Commissioner: Did you light your cigar? Mr. Duke: He says “not me,” my Lord. 12259. (The Commissioner.) Did you smoke? - Did I smoke? Yes. 12260. On the boat? - Yes, in the boat. 12261. And did the other men, the other members of the crew, smoke? - Some of them did. 12262. Where did you get your matches from? - Off of one of the crew. 12263. Did Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon smoke? - I do not know, I cannot remember. 12264. (Mr. Duke.) You were out a great many hours during that night, of course? - Till about a quarter to six, I think it was. 12265. Till about a quarter to six in the morning, and it was an intensely cold night? - Yes. 12266. And during a considerable part of the night were various inmates of the boat lying down in the bottom of the boat to get shelter from the cold? - Yes. 12267. Both crew and passengers; is that so? - I could not say whether it was both. 12268. Various people lying in the bottom of the boat? - No, not various; only just one or two. 12269. Did you see where Lady Duff-Gordon, this lady who is sitting here, was seated while you were alongside Sir Cosmo? - I did not understand it was Lady Duff-Gordon at the time, but I think it was the lady who sat just in front of me on the next thwart in the afterpart of the boat. 12270. Just aft of you? - Yes. 12271. You were looking aft, of course, as you were rowing, and you think she was sitting on the next thwart? - Yes. 12272. Did you have any conversation with her? - No, Sir. 12273. What makes you say she was the lady who spoke? - I am not saying she was the lady who spoke. 12274. You are not? - No, I say I am given to understand from information afterwards that that was the lady. 12275. What I want to know is whether you tell the Court that the lady who was sitting on the thwart next to you was the lady who said something about the boat being swamped? - Yes. 12276. Are you sure of that? - Yes. 12277. Quite sure of that? - Yes. 12278. And that it was not the lady further along? - Yes. 12279. Now, was not that lady, who was on the thwart in front of you as you sat, seasick during most of the time after the men first lay on their oars? - She was seasick a little of the time in the boat. 12280. Was not she seasick at the time the “Titanic” went down? - Yes. 12281. And lying over - ? - On the gunwale of the boat. 12282. Was that the time at which you suggest this conversation took place? - I could not tell you. 12283. You do not know? - No. 12284. Have you a distinct recollection about it at all? - No, I have not. 12285. When did anybody first suggest to you that anybody on board that boat had prevented
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