Page 53 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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there. 12185. Did you see any women round No. 5 boat? - Yes. 12186. What was the order when you got to No. 5 boat? - The order was nothing when we got there. 12187. The order was nothing? - Not when we got there. 12188. What did you see? - I saw a lot of ladies in the boat, and a lot of ladies getting in the boat, and children. 12189. Was there any officer there? - Yes. 12190. Did you know the officer? - No. 12191. Have you seen Mr. Lowe, the officer, since the disaster? - I might have seen him, but I do not know him by name. I might know him by sight. 12192. (Mr. Cotter.) Will Mr. Lowe kindly stand up? (Mr. Lowe stood up in Court.) Do you know that gentleman? - Yes. 12193. Did you see him on the night of the disaster on deck? - No, not that I know of. 12194. Why did not you go into your own boat? - Because I was ordered away. 12195. Who ordered you away? - An officer. 12196. Do you know the officer? - No. 12197. Did he order you to go to any other boat? - No, not that same officer. 12198. Did anybody else order you? - An officer ordered me to go and get No. 1 emergency boat ready. 12199. You do not know that officer, I suppose? - No. 12200. How do you know it was an officer at all? - Well, by his clothes. 12201. Can you tell the rank of an officer by the stripes on his arm? - I think this gentleman was in an overcoat. I took him to be an officer by the badge on his cap. There was a white star on there. I took him to be an officer. 12202. When you got to No. 1 boat, were there many women round it? - No. 12203. How long after you went to No. 5 was it that you went to No. 1? - I could not say the time. 12204. You could not say the time? - No. 12205. Can you give us any idea? - No, I cannot. 12206. Were all the other boats out. Just look at that model. Were those other three forward boats out, and gone before No. 1 boat? - Yes. 12207. They had all gone. No. 1 was the last boat at the forward end of the ship? - At the forward end of that ship. 12208. That was the last boat? - On that side. 12209. Which boat went before No. 1 then? - No. 5 went first. 12210. Which one went before No. 1? - An after one. 12211. That was No. 7 boat? - Yes. 12212. Did you see the first of those four boats go? - Yes. 12213. Which boat went first? - My own boat, No. 5. 12214. What went next? - The next one to that, this one (pointing on the model.) 12215. No. 3? Where were you when No. 3 was launched? - Alongside of it. 12216. Do you know Mr. Ismay? - No. 12217. Did you hear any gentleman, not in uniform, but in an ordinary suit, giving orders, or helping the women and children to get into No. 3? - No. 12218. Have you ever taken any part in any boat drill? - No. 12219. Never in your life? - Oh, yes. 12220. Where? - In the Union Castle Company. 12221. Did you ever see a boat’s crew consisting of six firemen and one sailor? - No.
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