Page 52 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 52
12152. You do not know whether or not she had gone at the time? - No. 12153. Beyond this suggestion, was there any further discussion in the boat about going back? - No. 12154. Did any person beyond the lady make any observation? - There were a couple of gentlemen said it would be very dangerous, and they were afraid it would swamp us. 12155. Is that all the conversation? - Yes. 12156. Although during the whole of this time you could hear these cries? - Yes. 12157. And was it after the lady spoke and the gentleman said it would be dangerous, that you proceeded to row away on your oars? - Yes, that is right. 12158. How long did these cries last? - Well, I could not say. 12159. And during the whole time that you heard them were you rowing on your oars? - No, not all the time. 12160. Who told you to cease rowing? - Our coxswain. 12161. How long did you continue to row on your oars? - Well, from my own estimation - well, I cannot say the time properly. 12162. But there was no further conversation about going back to where the “Titanic” had been? - No. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 12163. Was it on Tuesday you saw the agent of Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon? - Yes. 12164. Who sent you to Trafalgar Chambers? - Mr. Blake. Mr. Greenham came, the shipmaster, the superintendent engineer of the White Star Line. 12165. Have you seen anyone else? - Yes, I saw a man the day before in the Chambers, too. 12166. Who was that? - I do not know his name. I did not ask who he was. 12167. Have you seen anyone since? - No, only the man I have just mentioned, the day after. 12168. On the Tuesday? - Yes. 12169. On the day before did they say what they wanted you for? - They wanted me to give a statement. 12170. Did not they say who it was for - who they wanted the statement for? - No. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 12171. Where were you when the ship struck? - In my bunk, asleep. 12172. What did you do after the ship had struck? - I went up on deck. 12173. Upon the boat deck? - No, the well deck. 12174. What did you do afterwards? - Stood there, and waited to see what we could see and hear. 12175. Did you get an order to go to the boat deck? - Yes. 12176. Who gave that order? - A leading fireman. 12177. When you got to the boat deck, was No. 1 boat swung out ready for launching? - Yes, the boat was swung out; it always is swung out. 12178. Was No. 3 swung out ready for launching? - I do not know. 12179. You do not know? - Not No. 3. 12180. Do you know where No. 3 boat is situated? - No. 12181. Had you a boat at all? - Yes. 12182. What was the number of your boat? - No. 5. 12183. Do not you know No. 3 is situated next to No. 5? - No. 12184. How did you know where No. 5 was? - Because I was told where it was as I was going
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