Page 51 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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Duff-Gordon - ? - Sir? 12124. Was that receipt for money which you got when the gentleman saw you? - I got no receipt whatever. 12125. Was the receipt you thought you were signing a receipt for money which you got when the gentleman saw you? Is that right? - Well, that is what I understood. 12126. Did he give you any money? - Yes. 12127. What was it? - Seven shillings. 12128. Was that supposed to be for the time you had lost? - For my day’s expenses. 12129. Did he come down to see you, or had you gone to see him? - I went up to see him. 12130. (The Commissioner.) Where were you, and where was he? - “The White Star,” Trafalgar Chambers. 12131. In London? - No, in Southampton. 12132. You were there, and did he come to you? - He was there before I got there. 12133. (The Solicitor-General.) We do not want there to be any mistake. I may have suggested it to you. Did you know on whose behalf he came? - I asked him. 12134. And what did he tell you? - He told me he was there from London on behalf of Sir Duff-Gordon. 12135. And did you tell him what you have told us here in this Court today? - The same, Sir. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 12136. Was there any mention made, while you were in the small boat, of a present that you and the other members of the crew were to get? - No. 12137. Are you sure? - Quite sure. 12138. When someone said something about going back, was that a member of the crew? - I do not know. 12139. Well, you say that those who objected were passengers. Is that so? - It was a lady. 12140. And two gentlemen? - There were two gentlemen, yes. 12141. They objected. I take it no member of the crew objected to go back? - No. 12142. No member of the crew objected? - No. 12143. And you say that for yourself you were willing to go back? - Yes. 12144. Did you say to anyone that you were willing to go back? - Yes, not in the boat. 12145. When? - Not in the boat, I never said I was willing to go back to anyone in the boat. 12146. When did you say it? - Say what? 12147. That you were willing to go back? - To a gentleman in the White Star office, or in the “White Star,” Trafalgar Chambers, Southampton. 12148. Did you have any conversation with the gentleman who was sitting on the same seat with you, about those poor people who were drowning about a couple of hundred yards from you? - No. 12149. Did he express any opinion as to whether or not you should go back? - No. 12150. Not a word? - No. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 12151. Was it immediately the “Titanic” disappeared that the suggestion was made that you should go back? - I do not know.
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