Page 50 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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12097. I think we understand that. But when the suggestion was made to row back, did not you understand that to mean to row back to where the cries were? - No, we had orders to row away on our oars - not to row back. 12098. No; just listen a moment. I am not asking you about your orders. You have told us there was a suggestion made in your hearing that your boat should row back? - There was a suggestion by someone to go back. 12099. To go back where? - Ah! 12100. What? - Well, what I understand from my own estimation, it was back there, where the wreckage was. 12101. (The Commissioner.) To save life? - Well, I should understand that, Sir. 12102. (The Solicitor-General.) What were you to go back for? - That was all, to save life. 12103. Was that to go back to where the cries were? - I suppose so. The Commissioner: It is quite clear. 12104. (The Solicitor-General - To the Witness.) When that happened I want to know did the boat go back to where the cries were, or did the boat go further away? - No, it stopped where it was for a long time. 12105. You said that the order given to you and the others was to go on rowing? - We did go on rowing. 12106. Now did you go on rowing towards the cries or away from the cries? - I could not tell you. I did not know in which direction we were going. I did not know where we were going, north, south, east or west. 12107. I am not asking you about the points of the compass. Just think a minute. You say you could hear the cries? - From everywhere, from my own version. 12108. Is what you tell me that you really do not know whether your boat did go back to the cries and where the boat had sunk or whether it did not? - I know the boat had sunk. 12109. Do you tell me you do not know whether your boat went back to where the “Titanic” had sunk? - No. 12110. You do not know? - No. 12111. Then what was the decision arrived at in your boat. You know you have told us you heard there was talk, a discussion, as to whether you should go back? - Yes. 12112. And you have said that one of the ladies said it was too dangerous and that you would be swamped, and you have said that two of the men passengers - ? - I did not say it was dangerous to the ladies; I did not say the lady said it was dangerous; I said the lady was frightened of being swamped. 12113. That is right, and you said two of the men passengers agreed with her and said so? - Well, they said it was dangerous; they thought we would be swamped. 12114. Did you go back into the danger, or not? - No, Sir. 12115. As far as you know did your boat ever get within reach of any one of the drowning people? - No. 12116. How much room was there in this boat, do you think; how many people could you have taken in? - About 25 to 30. 12117. Do you mean 25 to 30 in addition to those who were in it already? - Yes. 12118. I think it is right to ask you: Since you landed in this country have you been interviewed by somebody who said he came on behalf of Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon? - Yes. 12119. Did you give him a statement, or not? - Yes. 12120. Did he write down what you said? - Yes. 12121. Did you sign it? - Yes. I thought I was signing a receipt for the money I received. 12122. You thought you were signing a receipt for the money you received? - Yes. 12123. Is that money which you received when the gentleman saw you on behalf of Sir Cosmo
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