Page 48 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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12038. Nearer the stern of the boat? - Yes. 12039. Where was the other lady sitting? - She was sitting right aft from what I can understand. 12040. But you say you do not know which was which? - No. 12041. Did you hear any order given to this boat No. 1 and to the man in charge as to what he was to do? - He was told by the officer, when we left the ship, to go a distance away from the vessel and stand by for readiness. That was by an officer, I do not know who he was. I do not know what his rating was or who he was. “And mind that the crew of the boat do as you tell them”; they were the officer’s words when we left the ship. 12042. The officer gave the order that the boat was to go to a distance. Did he say about how far? Did he mention the distance? - I think it was 100 yards, if I am not mistaken; I think so. 12043. I will just put to you what we have been told already about it. Is this right, that Symons was told to stand off a little way and come back when called? - Yes. 12044. Hendrickson said that. Then what was done in the boat; where did the boat go - how far off? - Well, about that distance. 12045. About 100 yards? - Yes. Then we pulled a little further to save suction. 12046. We will come to that. But first of all you pulled off about 100 yards and then you lay on your oars? - Yes. 12047. How far away were you from the ship, do you think, when the ship went down? - About 150 yards to 200 yards. 12048. Then you had pulled a little further away by that time? - Yes. 12049. Would it be right to say that you were quite a quarter of a mile away? - Well, I do not know. 12050. What do you think? - The same as I say, 150 to 200 yards. 12051. Did you, or did you not, hear any suggestion made that the boat should return to the place where the “Titanic” had sunk? - There was a suggestion of going back. 12052. There was? - But who made it, I do not know. 12053. First of all, there was a suggestion. Do you know whether it was a man or woman who suggested it? - No. 12054. You do not know who suggested it? - No. 12055. Did you hear it suggested? - It was suggested. 12056. Now, when that suggestion was made, just tell us yourself, in your own way, what happened and who said anything? - I do not know who said it. 12057. Just tell us what you do remember. What did you hear? - The suggestion was made, there was a talk in the boat of going back, and there was a lady passenger who talked of the boat being swamped if we went back. 12058. A lady passenger talked of the boat being swamped if you went back? - Yes, and two other gentlemen in the boat replied to the same question, “We shall be swamped if we go back. It would be dangerous to go.” 12059. (The Commissioner.) When you say two other gentlemen, you mean two passengers? - Two gentlemen in the boat. 12060. Two of the passengers? - Yes. The Commissioner: Who was the other lady, Sir John? 12061. (The Solicitor-General.) That lady was Lady Duff-Gordon’s companion or secretary, my Lord. I think her name was Miss Francatelli. (To the Witness.) You did not know the names of either of those two ladies, but can you tell me this? You say one of the ladies said if you went back you would be swamped. Was that the lady who was sitting on the next thwart to you, or was it the lady who was in the stern of the boat that said it? - I do not know which it was now. I heard the remark.
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