Page 40 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 40
11861. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) We have heard something about a photograph. Were you taken in a photograph on the “Carpathia”? - Yes, I was took in several photographs this last month. It’s quite nice to know you are so big. 11862. Were you taken in a photograph with the passengers and crew of your boat? - Yes, Sir. 11863. Have you got that photograph? - No, Sir; I have seen nothing of it. 11864. At whose request was it taken? - That I could not say. 11865. Who asked you to go into the picture? - The passengers that was around the “Carpathia” at the time. 11866. The particular passengers on this boat? - No, I did not know none of them. 11867. Did Lady Duff-Gordon ask you? - No, Sir, she never asked. We were all there together. 11868. Did Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon ask you? - No, Sir. 11869. Did you write your name on a lifebelt? - Yes. 11870. At whose request? - At Lady Duff-Gordon’s. 11871. When was that done? - It may have been a day or a couple of days before we got into New York. 11872. You told the learned Attorney-General that you thought in your discretion it would be dangerous to go back until everything was over? - No, not everything was over. 11873. That is what you said. - I mean to say my evidence was in that respect till I thought everything was safe for the boat to go back. Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 11874. Did you realise when your boat No. 1 was lowered into the water that the “Titanic” was sinking? - No, Sir, not at that time. 11875. When did you first realise that? - When we got away from the ship. 11876. How soon after you got away? - About five minutes I suppose. 11877. You told us she had a list to starboard? - Yes, at that time. 11878. Did you actually see that by the deck? - The only way you could tell was by the lowering of the boat. 11879. You only judge she had it because of the way the boat went down? - If she had had a list to port the boat would have hung over her deck. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 11880. You really expected an order to return to the ship at some time? - Yes, I expected to go back with my passengers and land them aboard the ship again. 11881. And you knew when the ship sank you could not get an order from the ship? - No. 11882. You were either taking passengers off the ship or rescuing passengers after you were asked to be in readiness? - I do not know what that order was. The order that was given was to stand off and wait orders. 11883. What is the length of the boat you were in? - That I could not say. 11884. If Hendrickson had spoken loudly would you have heard? - I should think so. 11885. You have no reason to doubt Hendrickson’s statement? - No reason to doubt it whatever. Had he spoken loud I was bound to hear. 11886. Do you know a fireman named Taylor? - No - I only just knew their names afterwards. I did not know none of them. 11887. You do not know where he was sitting? - No, not properly. 11888. And whether he was sitting alongside Lady Duff-Gordon and heard Hendrickson? - That I cannot say.
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