Page 39 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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biscuits in the boat. 11829. Did you find that binocular glasses were useful, especially at night on the look-out? - Yes. Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 11830. How was this £5 paid to you? - What do you mean, Sir. Mr. Edwards: It is a simple question. 11831. (The Commissioner.) It is a very simple question. What shape did you get it in? - Just in a form, Sir - a sheet of paper. 11832. (The Solicitor-General.) A cheque? - No, not a cheque. 11833. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) A £5 note? - No, a sheet of paper. 11834. It was an order? - Yes; an order. 11835. An order upon whom? - That I could not tell you, I have not studied it that much. 11836. Have you still got it? - No, Sir, not here. 11837. Have you got it at home? - Yes, it is at home. 11838. (The Commissioner.) Have not you changed it? - No, Sir. I have not got quite to that yet. I have a shot in the locker left. 11839. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) You are a pretty thrifty sort of man, are you? - Well, yes. 11840. Do you ever pay any money into the bank at all? - What do you mean? Is that a question to put? That is my own private affairs. I do not think that is right. That is not right, Sir. 11841. I see. Have you got a banking account? - It is not right for me to answer that. 11842. Have you paid any money into that banking account recently? - That is not for me to answer. The Commissioner: You want his passbook, you know. 11843. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) What have you done with this order? - It is at home, Sir. 11844. That is not paid in yet? - No, Sir; I still have that paper. 11845. What is the order for? - £5. 11846. Do you swear that? - Yes, by Heaven above, or God above, as you say. 11847. (The Commissioner.) Five pounds or five dollars? - Five pounds, Sir. 11848. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) Did you get any money from anybody else? - No, Sir, none whatever. 11849. Do you know who the other passengers were? - No, Sir. 11850. Have you seen them since? - Seen them once on the “Carpathia,” and that is all. 11851. You did not take the trouble to find out who they were? - No, they were of no interest to me. 11852. Was one of the ladies Mrs. Astor? - No. 11853. You are sure of that? - Yes, positive. 11854. You know Mrs. Astor independently, do you? - I saw her once before on the “Oceanic.” 11855. You said that you did not see Mr. Ismay? - No. 11856. Were you about No. 3 boat when she was lowered? - Yes. 11857. Could Mr. Ismay have been giving directions to that boat without you seeing him? - The only man that was giving - 11858. Will you answer my question, please? - What did you say? Say it again. 11859. Could Mr. Ismay have been giving directions for the lowering of No. 3 boat if you were there without you seeing him? - I did not hear anybody giving any orders. 11860. Will you answer my question, please? - I can only say he may have been there or he may not have been there. That is all I can say to that. The Commissioner: And it is a very good answer.
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