Page 31 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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11664. What do you mean by that. Did he mention somebody else’s name? - I simply said that it was pretty good evidence what that man gave last week. No name was mentioned whatever. The Commissioner: What is the meaning of that? 11665. (The Attorney - General.) “It was pretty good evidence what that man gave last week.” Did you mean by “that man” Hendrickson? - Yes, I suppose that is what I meant. 11666. You did not mention his name? - No. 11667. But they knew to whom you referred? - I take it so. 11668. And you knew they had come to see you about that? - No, not about that question. 11669. Think. Do you mean to say you did not know that this gentleman had come to see you because of what had been said by Hendrickson to this Court? Is that what you are telling my Lord? - What do you mean, Sir, putting it that way? I do not quite follow what you mean? 11670. Do not you? - No. 11671. Let me try and put it to you again. Did not you know that this gentleman had come to see you because of what Hendrickson had said to this Court about what had happened in No. 1 boat? - I suppose that is what he did come there for, for protection, I suppose, to hear my story, and I gave him the brief outlines. 11672. You knew he had come because of what was suggested against Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff-Gordon? - I believe that is what it was for. 11673. Did not he tell you so? - He told me he was representing Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon. 11674. And did not he tell you he had come to see you about the story of this man Hendrickson, or of some man? - No; he just simply came and asked if I would give a brief outline of the story, and I gave it. 11675. A brief outline of the story? - Yes. 11676. How long did it take you to give that brief outline? - Just over an hour, I suppose. 11677. He put questions to you? - No - he may have put one or two now and then. 11678. You told me about the exercise of your discretion and your being master of the situation. Those you have told me about? - Yes. 11679. Did you say anything to him about having received any money from Sir Cosmo Duff- Gordon? Do speak up. - I was just thinking whether I said anything. I will not tell a lie. The Commissioner: Do speak a little louder, please. The Attorney-General: That does not want much thinking about, whether you had any money from Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon. Mr. Duke: You asked him whether he told the gentleman that he had received the money. 11680. (The Attorney - General.) I say it does not want much thinking about to recollect that you had the money. - That is right enough, but I am just thinking whether I mentioned it or not to the man. It is no use my telling you a lie. I was just thinking whether I said it. 11681. (The Commissioner.) Now think, and tell us what the answer is? - Yes, I did tell him. I told him that at the time it was given me it was a surprise. 11682. A surprise? - Yes, it was a great surprise to me when I received it. 11683. (The Attorney - General.) That is what you told him? - Yes. 11684. How much did you have? - Is that a question to submit, Sir? 11685. (The Commissioner.) Yes? - £5. 11686. (The Attorney - General.) Have you had any more since? - No, none whatever. 11687. That is all you have had altogether? - That is all I have had. 11688. When did you have that? - About a day - it may have been two - before we arrived in New York on the “Carpathia.” 11689. I understood you to say to my Lord just now that that came upon you as a surprise? - Yes, quite a surprise packet. 11690. You mean you had never heard of any present? - No, Sir, I heard of nothing.
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