Page 254 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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within a few hours and that was a much more rapid route of transmitting the message. 16082. Could the “Amerika,” from its then position have sent that message straight to Cape Race? - Evidently not, otherwise she would not have re-transmitted it. 16083. How do you know she re-transmitted it; what is there to show it? - We have nothing to show. We must await the returns from Cape Race. 16084. We want to be very careful about this. - It was sent to the “Titanic” for re- transmission. 16085. How do you know it was? - Because we have the acknowledgment of the receipt. 16086. That is the answer. Will you read the acknowledgment of the receipt then? - I am sorry; I am unprepared as to that. You will have to give me a little more time. The Solicitor-General: Then, my Lord, I think it will be more satisfactory to adjourn now. 16087. (The Commissioner.) Yes. (To the Witness.) And between now and tomorrow morning you will be able, perhaps, to get the papers for us? - Yes, my Lord. (Adjourned to tomorrow at 10.30 o’clock.)
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