Page 251 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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The Solicitor-General: Yes, it may be there are one or two further things that I cannot conveniently get from the witness until tomorrow. GEORGE ELLIOTT TURNBULL, Sworn. Examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL. 16020. What is your position in The Marconi International Marine Communication Company? - I am the Deputy-Manager, Sir. 16021. I think that Company has its Head Office here in London? - Yes. 16022. In the Adelphi? - No, in the Strand. 16023. I thought it was Watergate House, York Buildings, Adelphi? - It has just been changed, last week, Sir. 16024. You being the Deputy-Manager, are you the head official in England? - No, Sir. The head official in England is the Managing Director, Mr. Godfrey Isaacs, and the Manager is in America at present. His name is Mr. Bradfield. 16025. Was the wireless installation on the “Titanic” an installation of yours and worked by servants of your Company? - Yes. 16026. Can you tell me, or had I better ask Mr. Bride, what was the radius within which communication could be made by the “Titanic”? - The guaranteed range of the “Titanic” was 350 miles. That range is considerably exceeded in many cases, especially at nighttime, but we always guarantee a very low figure, so that we can cope with work in every circumstance. 16027. 350 miles was the minimum which you had undertaken to provide? - Yes. 16028. Was it new apparatus? - Absolutely new. 16029. And of the latest pattern? - Yes. 16030. As a matter of fact, I am not speaking of the guarantee now, but can you help us as to what its effective radius would be? - We are always very cautious about figures, but I feel certain that the “Titanic” would do 500 miles, and she could receive up to 1,500 miles from high power stations. 16031. When you speak of high-power stations, are those fixed stations on the mainland? - Yes, those are fixed stations. 16032. And you call those high-power stations? - Yes. 16033. Are they able to send a message a greater distance? - Yes. 16034. Does the distance, the range, which can be covered by a message, depend on the strength of the apparatus that sends it, or on the strength of the apparatus that receives it, or both? - It depends on both, but considerably more on the apparatus which sends it. 16035. I think you mentioned - and we have heard it from another witness - that at nighttime apparently the range is greater from a ship like the “Titanic” than in the day? - Yes, considerably greater, anything from two to three times as much. 16036. When you say a 500 miles range do you mean 500 miles in the daytime? - Our guaranteed range of 350 miles is in the daytime, yes. 16037. And you say it is two or three times as great on occasions at night? - Yes, on many occasions. 16038. On the “Titanic,” as we know, you had two operators? - Yes. 16039. Mr. Phillips, who lost his life, and Mr. Bride, who was saved and who is here? - Yes. 16040. Mr. Bride being the assistant of Mr. Phillips? - Yes. 16041. Are they servants of your company? - Yes. 16042. Then of course there must be some arrangement between your company and the White
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