Page 248 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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15961. Did the wind get up after that? - Yes, a breeze sprang up then. 15962. Did you put up your sail? - Yes. 15963. Did you keep your sail up and tow the other boat while you were sailing? - I kept the sail up from then until I got alongside the “Carpathia,” and towed the collapsible and picked up the other collapsible - the sinking one. 15964. Have you any suggestion to make as to the sail that you had in the boat? Was it a suitable sail for the occasion? - The sail might be improved. The Commissioner: What is the meaning of that? Was there ever a time when you used the sail? Mr. Holmes: He did, in fact, use the sail. 15965. (The Commissioner.) When did you use the sail? - I used the sail from the time I got to the wreck until I got on board the “Carpathia.” 15966. Then you were using it for several hours? - I do not know about several hours. I suppose it was about 2 1/2 hours. 15967. (Mr. Holmes.) What is your suggestion? - That they be made without a dipping tack - that the tack be lashed abaft the mast, the same as ordinary lugsails. 15968. Did you find it difficult to manoeuvre it with passengers in your boat? - Besides that you want a man that knows something about dipping tack. You have to lower the sail and slacken the sheet before you can dip it. 15969. Can you tell us the last you saw of Mr. Moody on the “Titanic”? - When I had that conversation with him. That is the last I saw of him. 15970. Did you see whether he actually got into any other boat? - No, I did not. 15971. You are one of the junior officers to whom the two-watch system applies? - Yes. 15972. Does that mean that you never have more than a period of four hours on a stretch off watch? - Yes. 15973. Do you consider that is satisfactory, or do you think that the three-watch system should be applied to the junior officers as well as to the senior officers? - Of course, three watches would be far better. 15974. Do you think you would be better able to perform you duties? - Oh, no, I do not know about performing your duties, but we would have more time to ourselves, naturally. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 15975. Do you remember being at No. 5 boat with Mr. Murdoch? - Yes. 15976. Do you remember meeting a gentleman there who was interfering with the work? - Yes. 15977. Who was it? - I afterwards learned it was Mr. Bruce Ismay. 15978. What did he say to you or say to anybody; was he giving orders? - No, he was trying all in his power to help the work, and he was getting a little bit excited. 15979. What was he doing to help the work? - He was going like this, “Lower away, lower away” (showing). Mr. Cotter: Do you consider any passenger on board a ship has a right to go to the officers and give orders of that description to “lower away”? The Commissioner: You must not ask him that question. What he considers a passenger has a right to do has nothing to do with it. 15980. (Mr. Cotter.) What did you say to Mr. Ismay? - I think you know. 15981. Did you see Mr. Ismay go into any boat? - No. I told him what I said, and I told the men to go ahead clearing No. 3 boat, and Mr. Ismay went there and helped them. 15982. You did not see him go into a boat afterwards? - No.
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