Page 244 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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people. 15876. Certainly; I am not complaining; I am only trying to bring it out in your favour, if I may say so. You rescued some people, did not you? - I picked up four. 15877. I think one died in the boat, did he not? - One died, a Mr. Hoyte, of New York. [Mr. William F. Hoyt.] 15878. Were they men? - Four men. 15879. Did you see any other people alive? - Not one, or else I should have picked them up. 15880. Did you see bodies? - Yes. 15881. After that did you come across the submerged collapsible of which we have heard? - Yes. 15882. It was you who took the people off that, was it? - I did. 15883. Was it the one with Mr. Lightoller on board? - No, it was not. 15884. Another one? - Another one. 15885. Were there two submerged collapsibles? - I do not know - I did not know at the time, but, of course, I know now. The one that I picked up, I reckon, had been pierced, but I do not know. She was right side up and all that. 15886. Was she extended, or whatever you call it, opened out; were the collapsible sides pulled up? - No, the sides had dropped somehow or other. 15887. She was flat? - She was right side up. 15888. Can you give us any idea of who were on board of her - you do not know? - No. I can only give you one, and that was the lady that was on board there. 15889. The lady? - Yes. 15890. Can you tell me how many collapsibles got to the “Carpathia,” because we cannot account for the collapsibles? - I abandoned one, and then I towed [Original shows “told.”] another one while I was under sail to the “Carpathia”; that is two; then the one that Mr. Lightoller was on, that is three. I do not know where the fourth is. 15891. So far as you know there were only three ever got away from the wreck in any shape? - As far as I know. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 15892. You stated in giving evidence in America that a crowd went down to the gangway doors to get them open, and that you were going to load the boats and take passengers in from these gangway doors? - I did. 15893. It has come out in the evidence that a number of women and children perished on the “Titanic.” I believe that is a fact. May it be that in the expectation of this method being carried out, a number of the women and children were directed down to these gangways? - No, it is not. 15894. Were you giving directions as to the filling of boat No. 1? - I was. 15895. And the lowering of her? - And the lowering of her. 15896. She was loaded with a very small number of passengers - five? - I do not know how many there were. I took everybody that was there; that is all I know. 15897. (The Commissioner.) You took what? - I cleared the deck, my Lord. 15898. You mean to say that when you took the people into No. 1 there were no people left on the deck? - There were no people left on the starboard deck. 15899. (Mr. Scanlan.) At that time what search did you have made for people - for passengers? - I did not make any search. 15900. You did not, for instance, send over to the port side to find if there were any women or children? - No, because I wanted to get the boats away. I did not have any time to waste. 15901. And you did not send down to any of the lower decks? - There was nobody on the next
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