Page 241 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 241
3 x 3. 15782. On the chart room table? - On our chart room table. 15783. What is that - “Our chart room table”? - The officers chart room table, and the word “ice” was written on top and then a position underneath. 15784. Can you remember what the position was? - I cannot. 15785. Is that all that was brought to your attention about ice that day? - That is all. 15786. Did you hear of Marconigrams coming about ice? - That was the only information I saw regarding ice. 15787. That is all you have to say about your knowledge of ice on board the ship on that day? - Yes, that is all I know about it. 15788. You went off watch at 8 o’clock? - Yes. 15789. Did you turn in? - I went to bed. 15790. Were you asleep at the time of the collision? - I was. 15791. Just tell us what woke you up? - I was half awakened by hearing voices in our quarters, because it is an unusual thing, and it woke me up. I suppose I lay down there for a little while until I fully realised, and then I jumped out of bed and opened my door a bit and looked out, and I saw ladies in our quarters with lifebelts on. 15792. When you first looked out people had got their lifebelts on? - They had. 15793. Do you know the time? - I do not. I have not the remotest idea of the time right throughout. 15794. Were the boats being attended to? - As soon as I looked out through the door I jumped back and got dressed and went out on deck, and the boats were being cleared. 15795. (The Commissioner.) The boats had been cleared did you say? - The boats were being cleared. 15796. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Did you go to the starboard side first? - I had to go round the port side first, that is on my way to the starboard. 15797. As you were round the port side, the boats there were being cleared, were they? - Yes. 15798. Did you take any part in clearing the boats there or have anything to do in connection with them on the port side? - No. 15799. You got to the starboard side? - I got to the starboard side. 15800. What boat did you get to? - The first boat I went to was No. 7. 15801. That would be the aftermost one upon the starboard side? - No; that would be the after boat of the forward section. 15802. You came round behind the deck-house? - No, I came round abaft the second funnel. 15803. Was that the boat to which you belonged? - No. 15804. What was the boat to which you belonged? - I do not know. 15805. (The Commissioner.) Why do not you know? - I do not know why, but I do not. 15806. Was it your business to find out? - I suppose it was. 15807. And you did not do it? - No, Sir. 15808. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Why did you go round to No. 7? - Because the people were there. 15809. What was being done at No. 7? - Loading it with women and children. 15810. Did you assist there? - I did. 15811. Did you see that boat lowered? - I did; I assisted in lowering it. 15812. Then did you go to No. 5? - I went to No. 5. 15813. Did you see that lowered? - I did. 15814. Did you assist? - I did. 15815. When you say you assisted, did you take charge of the operations? - I assisted; that is to say, Mr. Murdoch was superintending. 15816. Mr. Murdoch was there? - Yes.
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