Page 240 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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15760. You say they were not closed then? Were they closed later on? - That I cannot say. I was not down below later on. 15761. Then you have told us all about that. Is there a door at the forward end of the starboard alleyway? - Yes, on E deck. 15762. Is that a watertight door? - I did not stop to look, but the thing was closed against me. I think it is a watertight door myself. I presume so. 15763. But you do not know? - No. The Commissioner: I daresay, Sir Robert, someone can tell us whether that door is a watertight door. Can you tell us what it is? It is a door at the forward end of the starboard alleyway on E deck. Sir Robert Finlay: No, my Lord, it is an iron door, not watertight. Perhaps your Lordship would show Mr. Wordingham the particular door referred to on the plan so that there may be no mistake about it. 15764. (The Commissioner.) Certainly. (Mr. Wordingham looked at the plan.) We are told it is not a watertight door. (To the Witness.) Did you go into the space between bulkheads C and D on F deck? - I am not certain about that, my Lord. 15765. At all events, you saw no water between D and C? - I saw no damage whatever, and no water either. 15766. Are we to understand from that that when you went on to F deck on this occasion you saw no damage of any kind? - No damage whatever, and I went right to the ship’s side - to the thwartship alleyways leading out to the ship’s side. (The Witness withdrew.) HAROLD GODFREY LOWE, Sworn. Examined by Mr. ROWLATT. 15767. Harold Godfrey Lowe, is that your name? - Yes. 15768. Were you the Fifth Officer on the “Titanic”? - I had that honour. 15769. You have a Master’s certificate of competency? - I have. 15770. I think you joined at Belfast, did you not? - I did. 15771. Was it your duty to look at the boats at Belfast and see that they were all there, and so on? - I was instructed by Mr. Murdoch, the then Chief Officer of the ship, to do so. 15772. Did you do it? - I did. 15773. You went through the boats and their equipment at Belfast? - Yes, I, in company with Mr. Moody went. 15774. He was lost? - We went through the starboard boats. 15775. Not the port side boats? - Not the port side boats. 15776. Did anybody go through the port side boats? - Mr. Boxhall and Mr. Pitman went through the port boats. 15777. I will not ask you in detail about that, but you sailed on the voyage. What was your watch on the Sunday of the accident? - My watch was the afternoon watch from 12 to 4 and from 6 to 8 in the evening. 15778. When did you go on again after that? - At midnight. 15779. You were on duty from 6 to 8? - I was. 15780. Did you hear anything about any messages about ice? - There was a chit on the chart room table with the word “ice” on. 15781. You mean a little piece of paper with “ice” written on it? - A square chit of paper about
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