Page 234 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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them. As a matter of fact, I never received them. The Sixth Officer, when we went on watch, generally took them from the telephone. 15657. Is that Mr. Moody? - Yes. 15658. As far as you know now, as far as you see now from the information you have, and had, is 22 knots about right? - Yes, I feel pretty easy on that. 15659. You would have to take the speed and of course you would have to take the course? - Yes. 15660. Which you have told us was S. 86 W.? - Yes. 15661. Am I right in thinking that the course as marked on the chart is S. 85 W. when you take your turn. I believe it is about S. 85 W.? - Yes. 15662. So that as I follow, the “Titanic” had run on, you say for 50 minutes longer than she otherwise would? - Did I say that? 15663. I thought you said 5.50? - I have not said that so far, but I wish to say it now. I wish to explain it. The night order book was written out and there was an order for the course to be altered at 5.50. 15664. You saw that in the order book? - Yes, I saw it and I remarked to the Chief Officer between 4 o’clock and 6 o’clock that I considered the course ought to have been altered some considerable time before 5.50 - that is, if it was meant to be altered at the corner, 42 N., 47 W. Whether we spoke to the Captain about it or not I do not know. I just remarked that to the Chief Officer, and the course was altered at 5.50. I consider that the ship was away to the southward and to the westward of that 42 N. 47 W. position when the course was altered. 15665. Perhaps you will take the chart in your hand. I want to ask you a question or two about it? - Yes. (The chart was handed to the Witness.) 15666. We have all noticed there is a point on the course, as marked on the chart, where a westbound ship turns, what you call the corner, is that what you refer to as 42 N. 47 W.? - That is so. 15667. And then your view is that the ship, when she turned on her new course at 5.50 had run beyond that corner? - Yes. 15668. And, therefore, was to the south of it? - Yes, to the south and to the westward of it. 15669. Then when she is put on her new course, her new course you tell me was S. 86 W.? - S. 86. W. 15670. Though your impression is that as it is marked on the chart the course there marked is S. 86 W.? - I think it is about S. 84 3/4 W. as a matter of fact. 15671. The effect would be she would have run a little bit further on the old course and then on the new course she is gradually making back to the line? - That is my impression of the idea which Captain Smith had in altering that course and setting it to that time. 15672. If she was going 22 knots and ran past the corner for 50 minutes that means she? - I did not say 50 minutes. 15673. No, I know you did not? - I do not remember what time it was but it was some considerable time; the difference I make between my time and the time that was given in the book - well there was such a big difference that I considered it worth mentioning to the Senior Officer of the watch. 15674. That is all right. Now we come back to the ice chart. When you looked at the 7.30 position as marked on the Captain’s chart, would you say whether there was any mark of ice on the chart? - I do not remember looking at the Captain’s position on the chart. I was standing by the door when he put it on. I could see my work on the chart in the distance, but I do not remember examining the thing closely. 15675. He put it on himself as representing his 7.30 position? - Yes.
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