Page 232 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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15616. (The Commissioner.) Were they a foreign family that could understand English? - No, they did not seem to be able to speak English or understand English. 15617. (Mr. Holmes.) Did you find they were people totally incapable of understanding any orders you might give to them? - They were. 15618. And if you had had to manoeuvre the boat to get more people in, it would have added to your difficulties? - Yes, I think so. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 15619. You stated that lamps were put into the emergency boat and lit at 6 o’clock every night? - Yes. 15620. Do you remember if they were lit that night and put into the emergency boat? - Yes, they were. 15621. So that there would be a light in the emergency boat No. 1? - I am not going to be driven to say that. I do not think they were exactly in the boat. They were hanging in the wheelhouse or in the bridge, covered over with a canvas cover - not exactly in the boat. 15622. You do not know whether they were in the boat that night? - No, I do not remember. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 15623. Did you hear any order given for the firemen off duty to muster? - No, I did not. 15624. Did you see them mustered anywhere? - I saw several firemen round the bridge. 15625. Did you see any considerable number of them mustered together? - Well, I saw quite sufficient to enable me to know that the firemen had been called out. Examined by Mr. LAING. 15626. As to the stellar observations that were worked up for the 7.30 position, did you work them up? - Yes. 15627. Did you get them from Mr. Lightoller? - Mr. Lightoller took the observations at half- past 7, before I went on deck. 15628. That is what he told us; he took the observations and gave them to you, and you worked them out? - Yes. 15629. And the Captain put the position at 7.30 on the chart at about 10? - Yes. 15630. If you can recollect, can you test your memory at all as to the position of the ice that was reported by the “La Touraine”? - Yes; I cannot give you the exact position, but, judging by the position he gave us shortly after he left New York, when he encountered a derelict, and then from the ice positions he gave us, when I put them down on the chart, I found out he had crossed the Banks, and it was too far north to be of any use to us. They were absolutely out of the way. 15631. It was away far north of your position? - Oh, yes, miles north. 15632. You told us you thought you recalled the “Caronia” Marconigram? - Yes. 15633. Do you remember whether you marked that on the chart or not? - Well, they say I did mark that. 15634. You do not remember it? - The “Caronia” Marconigram, I think, I must have marked, and probably that is the one that has been put down between 4 and 6, which they say was put down. I was on watch between 4 and 6 and it is quite likely I did it. The Solicitor-General: I want to put one or two questions about these messages, in view of what is now being asked. The Commissioner: There are one or two questions I want to ask, but I will wait till you have
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