Page 231 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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some stage an order was given that all hands were to look after themselves. 15597. (The Commissioner.) Did you ever hear that order? - No, I did not. 15598. (Mr. Roche.) I do not think you heard any general order after the one you heard for clearing the boats? - No. 15599. It was directed to finding out whether the engineers were doing their duty at the time of the sinking or not. Did you see any of the engineers on deck at all when you were attending to your boat? - No. 15600. Not one? - No. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 15601. Did you see Mr. Ismay about that night? - Yes. 15602. Where was he? - Quite close to the bridge. 15603. At what time? - I did not look at my watch. 15604. About what time? - I do not know what time it was at all. Time was flying. 15605. Was it after the collision? - Certainly it was after the collision. It was before I left the ship. 15606. Did you see him earlier that day on the bridge? - No; that is the first time I saw Mr. Ismay since we left Southampton. 15607. Did you see Mr. Andrews that night at all? - I did. 15608. That was after the collision? - Yes. 15609. Did you hear him say anything to the Captain? - No, I did not hear him say anything. 15610. Did you hear the Captain say anything to anybody about the ship being doomed? - The Captain did remark something to me in the earlier part of the evening after the order had been given to clear the boats. I encountered him when reporting something to him, or something, and he was inquiring about the men going on with the work, and I said, “Yes, they are carrying on all right.” I said, “Is it really serious?” He said, “Mr. Andrews tells me he gives her from an hour to an hour and a half.” That must have been some little time afterwards. Evidently Mr. Andrews had been down. 15611. Can you tell us how long it was after the collision that the Captain said that? - No, I have not the slightest idea. 15612. Did you say as a matter of fact in America that it was about 20 minutes after the collision? - No, I do not think so. 15613. You could not fix the time? - I cannot fix the time; I have tried, but I cannot. Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 15614. In addition to the difficulties you had to contend with which you have spoken of, the lack of proper crew and the suction, had you also a number of foreigners in your boat? - Yes, there was a foreign family. The Commissioner: Do you regard them necessarily as difficulties? Mr. Holmes: The foreigners, my Lord? The Commissioner: Do you? Mr. Holmes: I have not completed my question. The Commissioner: I thought you said in addition to the difficulties had he that further difficulty? 15615. (Mr. Holmes.) I said as to foreigners, and I am going to put a further question. (To the Witness.) Had you a number of foreigners in your boat? - Yes, there was a foreign family I knew of, that were close to the afterpart of the boat, where I was standing.
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