Page 229 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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15546. Was that for the course? - That was our star position, putting down the ship’s position at 7.30. But this was about 10 o’clock. 15547. (The Solicitor-General.) I cannot hear what you say happened at 10 o’clock? - The Captain plotted the star position of the ship at 7.30; he put that down on his chart at about 10 o’clock. 15548. (Mr. Scanlan.) Do you know what that position was? - No, I do not, but the position you have in the Court is worked from that position. 15549. The position in which the collision occurred was worked by you? - Yes. 15550. From the position indicated by the Captain at 10, I mean the Captain worked out his position at 10. At 10 o’clock he worked out the position he had been in at 7.30. Is that so? - No, he put down the ship’s position at 7.30. 15551. (The Commissioner.) I understood that the Captain at 10 o’clock marked the chart with the position which the witness ascertained at 7.30. Is that right? - He put down the ships 7.30 position on his chart. 15552. At 10 o’clock? - Approximately 10 o’clock. 15553. I understand at 10 o’clock the Captain put down on the chart the position of the ship as you had ascertained it at 7.30? - Yes. 15554. Had you both latitude and longitude? - Yes, we had three stars for latitude, and I think three or four for longitude. 15555. (Mr. Scanlan.) Who was on watch from 8 to 12, till the collision happened. There was Mr. Murdoch, I know? - The junior officers were the Fourth and Sixth. Mr. Lightoller was on till 10 o’clock. 15556. From 10 till 11.40 who were on? - The Fourth and Sixth Officers and Mr. Murdoch. 15557. Mr. Lowe is one of those officers? - No; Mr. Moody, who is the Sixth Officer. 15558. Who is the Fourth? - I am the Fourth. 15559. Then you had some duty for watching from 8 till 11.40. It was part of your duty as well as making out calculations in the chart room to take the watch on the bridge. Is that so? - My duty was to do what I was told by the senior officer on the watch. 15560. Is it part of the duty you were told to do? - No, I was not told to do it. 15561. Were you told to watch at all that night? - No, I was not. 15562. In point of fact, you were not on watch that night? - I was on watch. I was on duty, but I was not on the bridge. I was not on the look out, if that is what you mean. 15563. That is exactly what I want to know. At no time that night were you keeping the look- out on the bridge? - No. 15564. Who besides Mr. Murdoch was keeping the look-out on the bridge? - Nobody. Mr. Murdoch was keeping the look-out himself. 15565. And there were no extra look-outs? - Not that I know of. I did not hear of any. Examined by Mr. ROCHE. 15566. Just tell me about a few matters, if you can. When you came from where you had been making those observations, you heard the order “Hard-a-starboard,” and you felt the shock of the collision? - Yes; there was not much of a shock to feel. 15567. But you felt the collision? - Yes. 15568. And you knew the engines were reversed, full speed astern? - I heard the bells ring, but I did not know what the movement was until I got to the bridge. 15569. And then you knew that the collision bulkheads were closed because you heard the bell ring? - No, I did not hear the bell ring; I saw Mr. Murdoch pulling the lever. 15570. I thought you told my Lord that you heard the warning bell ring? - No.
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