Page 227 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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Mr. Scanlan: This was on the special question before your Lordship as to the use of searchlights. The Commissioner: I know. I do not mean to say it is not a proper subject for Enquiry, but the evidence of a man who has so little experience of searchlights as this gentleman appears to have is to my mind of little value. 15526. (Mr. Scanlan - To the Witness.) I understood you to state to my friend that all the ice that was marked on the Captain’s chart had been put down by you? - That is so - yes. 15527. On the Sunday, was that the state of the chart on the Sunday night? - Yes, as far as I know. 15528. Your watches were in the morning from 8 till noon and again from 4 till 6 and then from 8 o’clock until the time of the disaster? - Yes. 15529. When you were asked if you had marked down ice on the Sunday, I understood you to say - I may be wrong - that you were not speaking from your own recollection, but from what other people had told you since the accident. Is that so? - Yes, that is so. I distinctly remember putting down some positions from the “La Touraine,” but that must have been a couple of days previously, to the best of my recollection. 15530. You do not recollect having put down any positions for ice on the Captain’s chart on the Sunday? - I do not remember that. You were asked at the American Enquiry [April 22nd, page 223] with regard to this: - “(Senator Smith.) Did you know you were in the vicinity of icebergs that night? - (Mr. Boxhall.) I did not know we were in the vicinity of icebergs. (Senator Smith.) Did not the Second or First Officer apprise you of the fact that they had information that they were in the vicinity of icebergs? (Mr. Boxhall.) I knew we had had information. They did not apprise me that evening of it. (Senator Smith.) When did they apprise you? (Mr. Boxhall.) As a matter of fact they did not mention it to me. (Senator Smith.) Has it never been mentioned to you? - (Mr. Boxhall.) Oh, yes, the Captain mentioned it. (Senator Smith.) The Captain mentioned it to you? (Mr. Boxhall.) Yes. (Senator Smith.) When? (Mr. Boxhall.) I do not know whether it was the day before or two days before. He gave me some positions of icebergs, which I put on the chart. (Senator Smith.) Which you put on the chart? (Mr. Boxhall.) On his chart. (Senator Smith.) Did the Captain tell you that the ‘Californian’ had wired the “Titanic” that they were in the vicinity of icebergs? (Mr. Boxhall.) No. The Captain gave me some wireless messages from Southampton, I think that we had had before we had sailed, and asked me to put these positions on the chart. (Senator Smith.) Did you know whether a wireless had been received from the ‘Amerika’ that the ‘Titanic’ was in the vicinity of icebergs?” The Commissioner: From the “Amerika”? Mr. Scanlan: Yes, my Lord. I think the information is that it was sent from the “Amerika.” The Solicitor-General: I am putting it together; I am going into that question. 15531. (Mr. Scanlan.) “(Mr. Boxhall.) No, I could not say. (Senator Smith.) Do you want us to understand that you had no knowledge of the proximity of this ship to icebergs immediately preceding the - (Mr. Boxhall.) I had no knowledge. (Senator Smith.) One moment (continuing). Immediately preceding the collision, or during the hours of your watch from eight o’clock until the collision occurred. (Mr. Boxhall.) I did not realise the ship was so near the ice-field.” When you refer to the ice-field, you just mean the general ice-field marked down on all charts? - No, the region covering these wireless messages. 15532. Now about the region; you were examined twice before the American Commission. I have been quoting your evidence from the evidence you gave on the 22nd of April. Then you were examined a week later on this same point. I suppose this is a correct note of your evidence? - I suppose so. It should be. 15533. I mean you have heard what I have read? - Yes; to the best of my recollection it is quite
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