Page 222 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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cannot say; I cannot judge any of the times at all. 15419. Do you know at all whether the “Titanic” was swinging at this time? - No, I do not see how it was possible for the “Titanic” to be swinging after the engines were stopped. I forget when it was I noticed the engines were stopped, but I did notice it; and there was absolutely nothing to cause the “Titanic” to swing. 15420. After sending up those signals for some time did you turn your attention to the boats? - I was sending the rockets up right to the very last minute when I was sent away in the boat. 15421. When you say right up to the last minute, can you give me any idea of what you mean by that? - Yes, right up to the time I was sent away in the boat. 15422. How long before the vessel sank were you sent away in the boat? - I cannot give the time, but I have approximated it nearly half an hour, as near as I could tell. 15423. What boat was it you were sent away in? - In the emergency boat No. 2. The Commissioner: It would be about a quarter to 2. 15424. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Yes, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Who was superintending the filling of that boat? - Mr. Wilde, or, I presume, Mr. Wilde was superintending the filling. The order was given to lower away when I was told to go in it and the boat was full; they had started the tackles when I got in. 15425. (The Commissioner.) What number was it? - Port No. 2. 15426. Did you notice what other boats there were on the port side at the time? - There was only one boat hanging there in the davits, No. 4. 15427. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) That was the boat next to yours? - Yes. 15428. Can you say how many people were in that boat No. 2? - I endeavoured to count them, but I did not succeed very well. I judge between 25 and 30 were in her. 15429. Were they mostly women, or were they mixed men and women? - The majority were women. I know there were 3 crew, 1 male passenger, and myself. 15430. And you think the rest were women? - They were. There were several children in the boat. We have had evidence about this boat from Johnson, the Steward, at page 91, and his evidence exactly corresponds with this. It is from Question 3468 to about Question 3478. He says he thinks there were 23 or 25 people in the boat, and he afterwards says, “There was one male passenger and I think four members of the crew.” The Commissioner: This was an emergency boat. 15431. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Yes, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Did you notice when the people were being put in that boat No. 2 whether there were many passengers on deck at the time, round about? - I did not notice the passengers being put into the boat. I was not taking any notice of the boat at all, until I was sent to her. 15432. Did you notice whether there were passengers on the deck at the time the boat was lowered? - Yes, there were passengers round the deck, but I noticed as I was being lowered that they were filling No. 4 boat. 15433. Were there any women about? - I did not see any women. 15434. I do not know whether you can say with regard to the starboard boats at all whether there were any starboard boats on the “Titanic” at this time, or whether they had all gone? - No, I cannot say. I know the starboard emergency boat had gone some time, and that they were working on the collapsible boats when I went, because I fired the distress signals from the socket in the rail just close to the bows of the emergency boat on the starboard side. Every time I fired a signal I had to clear everybody away from the vicinity of this socket, and then I remember the last one or two distress signals I sent off the boat had gone, and they were then working on the collapsible boat which was on the deck. 15435. Had you any lamp in your boat No. 2? - Yes.
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