Page 22 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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11448. You had already cleared away one of the guys? - Yes. 11449. And you went back again and helped to get out the boats 3 and 5? - Yes. 11450. And then after that what did you do? - After I went back on the boat deck we had orders to put the women and children in. I assisted generally, and they lowered down. I do not know whether 5 or 7 went first; I could not say for certain. I was at No. 5; whether No. 7 went before it I could not say. When we got No. 5 away I went back to No. 3 and assisted there generally, and then I helped to lower the forward end of No. 3 along with the Boatswain. 11451. Then you saw 7, 5 and 3 lowered and away? - Yes, they were away when I went to No. 1. 11452. Then you went to No. 1, and did Mr. Murdoch speak to you then? - No, we did not go to No. 1; we were ordered to No. 1. 11453. And then you went? - We went to No. 1, and Mr. Murdoch asked who was assigned to that boat. I said I was, and he said, “Are you a sailor?” I said “Yes.” He said, “Jump in and see the plug is in.” After that he asked if there were any more sailors. Horswill replied, “I am assigned to that boat.” He said, “Jump in.” He next gave an order for five firemen to jump in, because there were no passengers around the deck at that time. Other members of the crew were assisting in getting the cover off of the surf boat lying under the emergency boat, if she had been in her place, if she was swung in. 11454. That is the collapsible, we call it? - As he gave orders I saw two ladies come running out of the foremost end of the top saloon deck, running towards the boat, and from there they asked Mr. Murdoch if they could get into that boat, and Mr. Murdoch said, “Yes; jump in.” And then, after that, I saw three gentlemen come running up, and they asked if they could get into the boat, and he said, “Yes; jump in.” Mr. Murdoch then looked around for more, and there was nobody in sight, only just the remaining members of the crew. He then gave an order to lower away. On the way down, just as we started lowering, he asked who was in charge of the boat. I replied, “Symons, the look-out.” He replied, “Symons, take charge of that boat; make all those under you obey you; make them do what you tell them.” I replied, “All right.” When we were lowered down, just below B deck, we got hung up by a wire guy. I told them on the boat deck to stop lowering. They stopped lowering almost immediately. Then they asked me what the trouble was, and I said we were hung up by a wire guy. Someone came down on the next deck and chopped it away, and from there we proceeded to the water without a mishap and released the boat very satisfactorily. 11455. There was plenty of room in your boat? - Oh, yes. 11456. For a good number of passengers besides those you were taking away? - What do you mean? 11457. I mean there was plenty of room in your boat for more than you were carrying? - Yes; but the order was, “Lower away,” and you had to obey orders. 11458. I am not making any complaint against you; I want to get the fact. 11459. (The Commissioner.) I want to be sure about this. Was there plenty of room in the boat for more persons when Mr. Murdoch ordered the boat to be lowered away? - Yes. 11460. Now why did he order the boat to be lowered away while it was not full? - Because, I suppose, he had looked around the deck for other people, as well as I did myself, and there was not another passenger in sight, only just the remainder of the crew getting the surf boat ready. 11461. I do not understand. What time was this? - I could not tell the time; I do not know. 11462. How long before the ship foundered? - Well, I should think myself if I say it was within half an hour I should not be far out. It may have been less. 11463. Half an hour is a long time? - Yes, it may have been less. 11464. Was there no time to find women and children to put into the boat? - I saw Mr. Murdoch running around there. I could not tell why he gave the order. I could not criticize an
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