Page 218 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 218
15341. And did you think, when you came up at 8 that the ship was nearing the neighbourhood of ice? - It did not enter my mind. 15342. Was the first intimation that there was ice about the striking of the three bells, so far as you were concerned? - No, when we struck the berg; that was the first. 15343. Do you mean you felt the shock before you heard the bells? - No, I heard the bells first. 15344. Where were you at that time? - Just coming out of the officers quarters. 15345. How soon after you heard the bells did you feel the shock? - Only a moment or two after that. 15346. Did you hear an order given by the First Officer? - I heard the First Officer give the order, “Hard-a-starboard,” and I heard the engine room telegraph bells ringing. 15347. Was that before you felt the shock, or afterwards? - Just a moment before. 15348. (The Commissioner.) Let us be clear about that. The order, “Hard-a-starboard,” came between the sound of the bells and the collision? - The impact, yes. 15349. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Did you go on to the bridge immediately after the impact? - I was almost on the bridge when she struck. 15350. Did you notice what the telegraphs indicated with regard to the engines? - “Full speed astern,” both. 15351. Was that immediately after the impact? - Yes. 15352. Did you see anything done with regard to the watertight doors? - I saw Mr. Murdoch closing them then, pulling the lever. 15353. And did the Captain then come out on to the bridge? - The Captain was alongside of me when I turned round. 15354. Did you hear him say something to the First Officer? - Yes, he asked him what we had struck. 15355. What conversation took place between them? - The First Officer said, “An iceberg, Sir. I hard-a-starboarded and reversed the engines, and I was going to hard-a-port round it but she was too close. I could not do any more. I have closed the watertight doors.” The Commander asked him if he had rung the warning bell, and he said “Yes.” 15356. Did the Captain and the First Officer go to the starboard side of the bridge to see if they could see the iceberg? - Yes. 15357. Did you see it yourself? - I was not too sure of seeing it. I had just come out of the light, and my eyes were not accustomed to the darkness. 15358. What did you do next - did you leave the deck? - Yes, I went down forward, down into the third class accommodation, right forward on to the lowest deck of all with passenger accommodation, and walked along these looking for damage. 15359. That would be F deck, would it not? - Yes, F deck. I walked along there for a little distance just about where I thought she had struck. 15360. Did you find any signs of damage? - No, I did not. The Commissioner: What deck is it? Mr. Raymond Asquith: F deck, he says. 15361. (The Commissioner.) You say it is F deck? The Witness: I am not quite sure, my Lord, but it was the lowest deck I could get to without going into the cargo space. Mr. Raymond Asquith: The lowest deck on which there is passenger accommodation, he said. The Commissioner: Is not that G? Mr. Raymond Asquith: Yes, my Lord, I think it must be G. The Commissioner: It is pointed out that he could not get along G deck, because there is no door in the bulkhead, and therefore it cannot have been G deck. 15362. (Mr. Raymond Asquith - To the Witness.) How did you get down to the lowest of these
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