Page 217 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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say from my own recollection that they were received on Sunday, but subsequently I have heard that some of them, or one of them that I put on the chart, was received on the Sunday, and that I put it on between 4 and 6. All the ice marked on the Captain’s chart I put down myself. 15320. Do you remember what these messages indicated with regard to ice? - Yes, it indicated the region of the ice. 15321. Do you remember what region it indicated; did it convey to your mind that you at 4 o’clock were somewhere in the neighbourhood of ice or not? - It conveyed to my mind that the ship would shortly be in the region of the ice. 15322. Did you make up your mind about what time that would happen? - No, I did not. 15323. Was the position of the ice marked upon the chart when you came up at 4 o’clock, I mean the position in which it might be expected? - Some of the positions were on the chart that I had put on previously. 15324. (The Commissioner.) But I do not know when it was that you marked the chart? - I do not remember myself, my Lord. 15325. But it was on the Sunday? - Well, subsequently I have heard it was on the Sunday, between 4 and 6, that I put some of the positions on. The Solicitor-General: I fancy Mr. Boxhall has not been very well. I know your Lordship will allow him to sit down. 15326. (The Commissioner.) Certainly, sit down, if you wish? - I am quite right, my Lord, thank you. 15327. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) You cannot recollect when it was you marked the position of the ice on the chart? - No. Some of the positions were from the “La Touraine.” Well, that must have been a couple of days previously, I think. 15328. (The Commissioner.) And had they reference to ice? - Yes, ice and derelicts. 15329. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) I understand your recollection is that during the period between 4 and 6 you did not make any additional mark on the chart? - To my recollection, I did not, but others say that I did. 15330. Do you remember whether, when you went off watch at 6 you noticed any marks on the chart with regard to ice which you had not noticed before? - No, I cannot say I noticed any. 15331. Then you went off watch at 6 o’clock, and came on again, I think, at 8 o’clock the same evening? - Yes. 15332. When you came up at 8 o’clock, was Mr. Lightoller on the bridge in charge? - Mr. Lightoller was there. 15333. Did you look at the chart then. Do you remember whether there was anything new about the ice marked on the chart at 8 o’clock? - I did not look at the chart when I came on at 8 o’clock. 15334. Your watch was from 8 to 12, was it not? - Yes. 15335. Do you remember during that period whether any messages were received with regard to ice, upon the bridge? - No, I do not recollect any. 15336. You have no recollection of a message from the “Californian” or the “Antillian” being brought to the bridge? - No. 15337. Were you on the bridge, looking out, most of that time, or were you somewhere else making calculations? - I was inside the chart room working up stellar observations from 8 o’clock. 15338. We have heard it was a fine, clear cold night. Is that your recollection? - Yes, it was perfectly clear. 15339. Did you see anything in the nature of haze? - No, none whatever. 15340. Neither at 8 o’clock nor at any time during the night? - Whenever I was on the deck or at the compass I never saw any haze whatever.
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