Page 216 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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boat deck. 15295. Are the boat axes, and those things, kept in the locker too, or in the boat? - They are usually kept in the lamp room. 15296. Did you go through the lifebelts and check them? - I did. 15297. How many were there? - I think about 3,600. The Commissioner: I have not heard it suggested that there were not sufficient lifebelts. 15298. (Mr. Laing.) I thought it was, my Lord. I thought I had better get it. The Witness: I checked them all. 15299. Can you tell us if your clock is put back at noon? - No, the clocks are always put forward or back as the case may be at midnight. 15300. Not at noon at all? - No. 15301. The Englehardt boats which were called the collapsibles here, are they fitted with rudders or with a steering oar? - Steering oar. 15302. Did you find all their equipment? - All intact, yes. Re-examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 15303. I ought to have asked you this before. Would a fall in the temperature indicate the proximity of icebergs to you? - No. 15304. It does not fit with your experience? - No. (The Witness withdrew.) JOSEPH GROVES BOXHALL, Sworn. Examined by Mr. RAYMOND ASQUITH. 15305. Were you the Fourth Officer of the “Titanic” at the time of this accident? - I was. 15306. What certificate do you hold? - Extra master. 15307. You have held that, I think, for about 4 or 5 years? - September, 1907. 15308. Have you been employed for five years by the White Star Company? - Five years next November. 15309. And has most of your experience been in the Atlantic? - Most of it, yes. 15310. On Sunday the 14th April, were you on watch from 4 to 6 in the evening? - I was. 15311. Who else was on the bridge at that time? - Mr. Wilde, the Chief Officer, and Mr. Moody, the Sixth Officer. 15312. Can you say what the course of the ship was when you came on watch at 4 o’clock? - No; I have forgotten the course. 15313. The course would be marked, I suppose, on a course board? - Oh, yes, the course was there. 15314. You cannot say what it was? - No, I cannot remember. 15315. Between 4 and 6, while you were on watch do you remember the course being altered? - The course was altered at 5.50. 15316. Do you remember what it was altered to? - I do not remember the compass course, but I remember the true course was S. 86 W. 15317. I think you worked that out yourself? - Yes, I had stellar observations afterwards. 15318. At the time when you came on watch at 4 o’clock had you heard anything about ice being in the neighbourhood? - Yes, I had seen reports of ice and put them on the chart. 15319. Reports which had been received earlier on the same day, do you mean? - No, I cannot
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