Page 207 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 207
15114. Did you read them? - Yes, I read one - yes. 15115. You read one, but you did not read the other? - No, not to remember what was on it. 15116. With respect to the one that you did read, can you tell us what was on it? - No, no more than it stated, “Ice in longitude 49 to 51 W.” 15117. Where did it come from? - I have no idea. 15118. Had it come on the Sunday? - It must have done. Had it come on the Saturday I should have seen it before. 15119. When ice is reported to you, is it the duty of someone on the bridge or in the chart room to indicate on the chart kept in the chart room the location of the ice? - I do not know about its being duty; we often do it; in fact, we usually do it. 15120. I see you gave evidence on this matter in America. You said in answer to Senator Smith: “You stated a few minutes ago that the Second Officer, I believe, reported ice on the Saturday night? (Mr. Pitman.) No, I said the Fourth Officer. (Senator Smith.) Mr. Lowe? (Mr. Pitman.) Mr. Boxhall.” Did you give this evidence: “(Senator Smith.) You said Mr. Boxhall reported ice Saturday night, and that it was marked on the chart with a cross”? - That is a mistake. It is Sunday night. 15121. It is a mistake? - Yes, it was Sunday night. 15122. Where was it marked? - On the North Atlantic Track Chart. 15123. I know it was marked on the Chart, but where was it marked with reference to the course you were steering? - Some miles north of it. 15124. It was marked some miles north of the course you were steering. You were also questioned as to whether you had been made aware on the Sunday of any message which the “Titanic” had received from the “Californian” about ice. You were asked: “Did you learn from Mr. Lightoller that the ‘Californian’ had warned the ‘Titanic’ that she was in the vicinity of icebergs? (Mr. Pitman.) I did not, Sir. . . . We had no conversation whatever. (Senator Smith.) Did you hear anything about a wireless from the ‘Californian’ on the direction of icebergs? (Mr. Pitman.) I did not, Sir.” Is that the true state of the facts? - That is so, yes; I did not know anything about the “Californian” till the Monday morning. 15125. That is, although you were an officer on the bridge from 6 to 8 you know nothing of any wireless having come from the “Californian”? - None came from 6 to 8 p.m. 15126. Or from any other ship? The Solicitor-General: Do you mean the “Californian,” Mr. Scanlan? 15127. (Mr. Scanlan.) Yes. (To the Witness.) I think they did get a message about 6? - No messages arrived between those hours. 15127a. Had any message arrived that day that you knew of? - The two Marconigrams I mentioned before arrived that day. That is all I know of. The Commissioner: You are talking about the Sunday? Mr. Scanlan: Yes. The Commissioner: He has told us he saw two Marconigrams on the Sunday which had not arrived on the Saturday, but that he does not know what ships they came from. 15128. (Mr. Scanlan - To the Witness.) Was any mark put on the chart on the Sunday with reference to any messages you received on the Sunday? - Yes, as far as I can remember, one was put on the chart between 4 and 6. 15129. Who put it on? - Well, it was either Mr. Boxhall or Mr. Moody. Mr. Boxhall does not seem to have any recollection of it, so it must have been Mr. Moody. 15130. You saw it put on? - I saw it there when I came on deck at 6 p.m. 15131. During your watches did the Captain come on the bridge, from 6 to 8 or from 12 to 4? - Well, he frequently comes on the bridge. I cannot recollect - yes he was on the bridge from 6 to 8.
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