Page 203 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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15017. What did he say? - Well, I jumped out of the boat then, ready to lower away, and he said, “You go in charge of this boat, and also look after the others, and stand by to come along the after gangway when hailed.” 15018. Did you go in charge of this boat? - I did. 15019. There were 30 to 40 women you have told us, two children, about half-a-dozen male passengers, yourself, and how many of the crew? - Four. 15020. (The Commissioner.) Did the four include yourself? - No, my Lord. 15021. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Did you say something about Mr. Murdoch saying he would hail you when he wanted you alongside the gangway? - Yes. He said, “Keep handy to come to the after gangway.” Therefore, I understood he would hail us. 15022. You understood it? - Yes. 15023. Was the boat properly lowered away? - It was. 15024. And you got put down to the waters edge? - Yes. 15025. On reaching the water what was done with that boat? - We pulled away about 100 yards from the side of the ship. 15026. And then? - Lay on our oars. 15027. Did you take her in the direction of the gangway, in case Mr. Murdoch might hail you and order you back? - Well, we dropped astern a little. 15028. That would be somewhere in the direction towards the gangway? - Yes. 15029. (The Commissioner.) Just put your finger on the gangway you are talking about. (The Witness pointed it out on the model.) That is right aft? - Yes, he said the after gangway. 15030. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Before you left the ship had you heard any order given about lowering the gangway or opening the gangway door? - No, that was the first I knew of it. 15031. After you were in the boat and had rowed out this 100 yards somewhat astern did you notice whether the gangway door was open or not? - I do not think it was. 15032. You probably were looking in that direction? - Well, I was watching the ship the whole time. 15033. And you do not think it was opened? - I do not. The Commissioner: How many gangways are there that side of the ship? Mr. Butler Aspinall: I think two, my Lord, but I speak subject to correction. The Commissioner: The gangway we have heard of yesterday was forward. Mr. Butler Aspinall: Yes. The Solicitor-General: Yesterday we did hear of them at both ends. Mr. Butler Aspinall: 12 or 13 the builders tell me. The Commissioner: On each side? Mr. Butler Aspinall: No. I am told there are eight passenger gangways. The Commissioner: Does that mean four on each side? Mr. Butler Aspinall: Yes. The Commissioner: But they are not on the same level. 15034. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Two on D deck amidships - one on E deck forward and aft; that would make four on the one side and four on the other. If I might go back for one moment - I do not know whether it is important or not, but it might become important - did Mr. Murdoch, in addition to telling you to keep handy to come back to the gangway, say anything more to you? - No; he only shook hands and said, “Good-bye, good luck”; that was all. 15035. When he said “Good-bye” to you in that way, did you think the situation was serious; did you think the ship was doomed then? - I did not, but I thought he must have thought so. 15036. Again, with regard to the time, how long do you think it was between the time of striking the berg and your boat reaching the water. You have given me two estimates of time, 20 minutes, and 12.20. Could you help me on this matter? - Well, I should think it would be about
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