Page 201 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 201
14964. Was the water coming in fast or slow, or how? - Quite a little stream, both sides of the hatch. 14965. Did you notice what direction it was flowing from; was it flowing from forward to aft, or how, or did not you notice? - Well, I think it was running mostly from the starboard side. 14966. Running from the starboard side? - Yes. The Commissioner: I do not understand that. 14967. (Mr. Butler Aspinall - To the Witness.) What do you mean by from the starboard side? - Coming in from the starboard side of the ship. The Commissioner: That I understand. 14968. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Seeing that, did you then go back to the boat deck? - Yes. 14969. Were the boats still being uncovered, or had they finished the uncovering of the boats then? - I could not say what had happened on the port side. I then returned to the starboard side and they were still uncovering the boats. 14970. You are now on the starboard side, and I think you remained on the starboard side, did you not? - Yes. 14971. Did you see the First Officer taking part in getting the boats ready? - No, I did not see him. 14972. Did you hear any orders being given? - No more than getting the boats filled with women and children, that is all I heard. 14973. Did you go to anyone of these boats? - Yes, I went to No. 5. 14974. Did you go to No. 7 first? - No, Mr. Murdoch was there. I did not see him. 14975. Which was your boat? - No. 1 is my boat usually in case of emergency. 14976. If there was an emergency you would take charge of No. 1, is that so? - Yes, that is in case of a man overboard, and things like that. 14977. Was your name on the boat list, as being the officer to look after that boat? - Yes, as an emergency. 14978. We have been told that there are boat lists put up about the ship; that is so, is it not? - That is so. 14979. (The Commissioner.) Did you ever read your name on any list? - I did not, as it is an understood thing the Third Officer looks after No.1 boat. 14980. You did not see your name on any list? - No. 14981. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Would it be your duty to inform yourself as to what your boat was according to the list? - No, it is quite an understood thing in the Company for the Third and Fourth Officers to have No. 1 and No. 2 boat. 14982. Apart from understandings, would it be your duty at the beginning of the voyage to go and ascertain what boat was your boat? - No. 14983. It is not your duty? The Commissioner: If, Mr. Aspinall, it was the invariable practice for him to attend to No. 1 emergency boat, there was no occasion for him to look at the list. 14984. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) No, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Now you went in fact to No. 5. Why was that? - Mr. Murdoch ordered me there. 14985. Was there any other officer there? - I did not see anyone. 14986. Of course, you know all the officers? - Oh, yes. 14987. If there had been one there you would have known? - Mr. Murdoch was there before the boat was lowered. 14988. Had you seen Murdoch there at No. 5, or merely heard his voice? - Oh, no, I saw him. 14989. At No. 5? - At No. 5, after the boat was out and practically filled with passengers. 14990. When you got to No. 5, in what state was No. 5? - Well, the cover was still on. 14991. How long do you think had elapsed from the time of striking the berg up to the time
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