Page 200 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 200
14932. What was it aroused you; was it a noise, or a jar, or what? - A noise; I thought the ship was coming to anchor. 14933. Did you lie on in your bunk for some few minutes? - I did. 14934. At the end of those few minutes did you do anything? - Yes. I went on deck. 14935. Was that curiosity; or what took you there? - Yes, I suppose it was. 14936. Getting on deck, what did you see or hear? - I saw nothing and heard nothing. 14937. Did you go to the forward part of the navigation bridge? - No, I only just went outside the quarters. 14938. The officers’ quarters? - That is all. 14939. As it were, put your head out and saw nothing? - No, I went on deck. 14940. Seeing and hearing nothing, what did you do then? - I went back inside again. 14941. And turned in again? - No, I met Mr. Lightoller first of all, and I asked him what had happened, if we had hit something, and he said, “Yes, evidently.” 14942. He said “Evidently”? - Yes, evidently something had happened. 14943. After you had received that information what did you do? - I went to bed. 14944. How long did you remain in bed? - It may have been five minutes. 14945. And at the end of five minutes what did you do? - I thought I might as well get up, as it was no use trying to go to sleep again, as I was due on watch in a few minutes. 14946. Your watch was the middle watch, from 12 to 4? - That night, yes. 14947. Did you get up and proceed to dress? - Yes. 14948. While you were dressing did you receive any information? - Mr. Boxhall came to my room and said the mail-room was afloat. 14949. How long do you think had elapsed between the time you were aroused and Mr. Boxhall coming and telling you this? - I should think it must be 20 minutes. 14950. Did he give you any information as to what had caused the mail-room to be afloat? - Yes; I asked him what we had struck, and he said an iceberg. 14951. After that did you quickly proceed with your dressing? - Yes, I put my coat on and went on deck. 14952. When you got on deck, did you see anything being done? - The men were uncovering the boats. 14953. On which side was that? - That was on the port side. 14954. Did you meet the Sixth Officer when you went on deck, Mr. Moody? - Yes; I met him on the afterpart of the deck. 14955. Did he give you any information? - No, I asked him if he had seen the iceberg; he answered, No, but there was ice on the forward well deck. 14956. I believe you at that time did not think anything serious had happened, did you? - I did not. 14957. Then, I think, you went and looked at some ice, and, after having looked at the ice, did you then go under the forecastle head to see if any structural damage had been done to the bow of the ship? - Exactly. 14958. I believe you saw none. As you were coming from the forecastle, did you see any firemen? - Yes, I saw a whole crowd of them coming up from below. 14959. Did you ask them what was causing them to come up? - Yes. 14960. What was their answer? - That the water was coming into their quarters. 14961. Which side were the firemen coming, the port or starboard side? - The starboard side. 14962. In consequence of what they told you, did you go and do anything? - No, I simply looked down No. 1 hatch and saw water rushing up No. 1 hatch, or at least round it. 14963. Is that the hatch which has the coamings which I think we were told was on G deck? - Yes, the same one that Symons was speaking of the other day.
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