Page 195 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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14861. After you were taken on the “Carpathia,” did you yourself go round the boats belonging to the “Titanic”? - I did. 14862. What object had you? - Because there was a report that there was not bread and water in some of the boats. In all the boats on the “Carpathia,” with the exception of the emergency boats, in which neither bread nor water is carried, there was bread and water in every lifeboat. 14863. Did they save all the “Titanic’s” lifeboats on the “Carpathia”? - No, there were some turned adrift. There were 13 saved - 11 lifeboats and two emergency boats. 14864. Were those you are talking about taken to America? - Yes. 14865. With regard to the lamps which those lifeboats carry, did you yourself see any lights while you were afloat in the boat? - I did, several. 14866. From other boats in the sea, I mean? - Yes. 14867. In which the people were? - Yes. I also found several lamps hanging in the thwarts when we were on board the “Carpathia” which evidently had not been used. 14868. (The Commissioner.) Lamps belonging to the “Titanic”? - Lamps belonging to the “Titanic’s” lifeboats. 14869. (Mr. Laing.) They had not been used? - They had evidently been hidden under the thwarts by some people in the boats. 14870. With regard to the question you asked the carpenter, and the information he gave you that No. 6 stokehold was dry - The Commissioner: Was that No. 6 stokehold or No. 6 section? 14871. (Mr. Laing.) I was going to clear that up, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Do you know where No. 6 stokehold is? - Yes; it is the forward stokehold immediately adjoining No. 3. Mr. Laing: The sixth stokehold, as we number them, is the after stokehold in No. 4 Section. The Solicitor-General: That is what I thought. The Witness: No. I think it is understood aboard the ship that No. 6 stokehold is forward. Because I made a particular point of asking the engineers why it was - I was rather confused when we were loading 5 and 6 stokeholds when going through the bunkers - and they told me No. 6 was forward. They numbered from aft, forward. It is rather confusing, but nevertheless the stokehold known on board the ship as No. 6 is the stokehold adjoining No. 3. The Commissioner: That is not according to the plan. 14872. (Mr. Laing.) No, my Lord, it is not. (To the Witness.) Are you thinking of boiler sections or stokeholds? How many stokeholds do you think there are on the ship altogether? - Six, I believe. 14873. Then I think you must be thinking of boiler sections? - Oh, I see what you mean, yes. I was really alluding to the boiler sections of course. 14874. No. 6 is the forward end, as you say? - Yes. 14875. When you called it No. 6 stokehold? - I meant No. 6 boiler section. 14876. No. 6 boiler section is the one which we know was full? - Yes, that explains it. I am glad you explained that, because of what the carpenter told me. No. 6 stokehold was a mistake; I ought to have said No. 6 boiler room. 14877. He may have misunderstood your question? - He probably misunderstood me. 14878. If he meant No. 6 stokehold I think I am right in saying that that is the after stokehold of No. 4 section? - Yes. 14879. However, the question you asked the carpenter was with regard to No. 6 stokehold? - Yes. 14880. And that is the answer you got, that it was dry? - Yes. 14881. Approximately, how long before you left the ship was that, quite roughly? - I should think that was fully an hour before I left the ship. 14882. Did you ever hear of any water being in the engine room? - No.
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