Page 193 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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is given to the crew to bring them to their stations? - We try to avoid all alarm. 14812. Is it not a rule at boat drill that a bugle goes? - Yes. 14813. If it is good for boat drill why is it not good to bring the men to the station? - I could not tell you. 14814. What alarm do you give for the closing of the bulkhead doors? - We do not sound any alarm; we do things as quietly as possible. 14815. What order do you give on board a ship at sea? - To close them. 14816. What is the order? - To close them. 14817. But there is a signal given? - No. 14818. What is the signal? - No signal. 14819. How is the order sent round? - Various means, telephone, telegraph. 14820. Have you no general bulkhead door drill? - No, we have not. 14821. At a specified time every morning, the same as other companies? The Commissioner: You must not say, “The same as other companies.” Mr. Cotter: It is a fact, my Lord. The Commissioner: It may be, but you must not give evidence. 14822. (Mr. Cotter - To the Witness.) There is no general bulkhead door drill on board your ship? - Are you speaking of seamen? You say you are speaking from the point of view of a practical seaman. Are you speaking of seamen’s bulkhead door drill; I take it you are. 14823. Generally, throughout the ship? - No. 14824. There is none? - Not with regard to seamen. Examined by Mr. LAING. 14825. Do you belong to the Royal Naval Reserve? - Yes. 14826. What rank do you hold? - Sub-lieutenant. 14827. With regard to the equipments of lifeboats were these gone through by the two junior officers? - Yes. 14828. In Belfast? - Yes. 14829. And all checked through, I think? - Four officers, as a matter of fact. 14830. Two on each side? - Yes. 14831. On the 14th, during your evening watch, did you take any stellar observations? - I did. 14832. Were they worked out by the junior officer? - They were. 14833. Can you take those observations if it is not clear? - No, you cannot. 14834. You were asked if you told Mr. Murdoch about the position of this ice. Was it in the night order book, do you know? - It was. 14835. And would Mr. Murdoch necessarily have the night order book? - He would necessarily initial it; yes. 14836. You were asked if you thought the vessel was going down when you first got news of the water, and you said, No. Did you know at that time how many compartments had been pierced? - No, I did not. 14837. With regard to this gangway door on the after side of the vessel, do you know how high above the water that would be? - Do you mean when the ship is on an even keel? - I really could not say. 14838. I have had it measured; it is 15 feet above water in the afterend of the ship. You were asked again whether you would act under your own authority in a case of emergency? - Yes. 14839. And you said there were rules? - The White Star rules. 14840. Are the White Star rules contained in this red book? - Yes. 14841. I will hand up a copy to my Lord (handing the same). The particular one about the
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