Page 192 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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unshipping the collapsible boat? - Which are you speaking of? 14795. I am talking about the forward funnel on the port side; are not there small blocks and tackle on it? - No. 14796. How do you unship one of those Englehardt boats? - We never have unshipped one, but I see what you are getting at. There is a link in the funnel guy for the purpose of hooking on tackle and so getting the Englehardt from the top of the quarters down to the deck. 14797. I am right that you could put the block and tackle on to that link? - Yes, that is right. 14798. Was there any there that night? - Not that I am aware of. 14799. If you had had a block and tackle there you would have found it rather easy to unship it? - No, I should not have used it. 14800. It would have been of no use? - No. The Commissioner: You represent the interests of the stewards do you not? Mr. Cotter: I do. The Commissioner: These questions may have some general bearing, but they do not affect particularly the stewards, do they? Mr. Cotter: I think we are here to get as much information about the wreck as possible, and although I am representing the stewards I might get some information which may be useful to this Inquiry. The Commissioner: I said this information may be of use generally, but it does not affect particularly your clients, the stewards. I think when you have heard a witness examined generally by five or six different people it is becoming time to end it. Mr. Cotter: There has not been a question raised about these doors, which is a very important point. I am speaking as a practical man. The Commissioner: At present you were asking about some tackle, and suggesting that the gentleman should have used it if it was there, and he answers you that it was not there, and if it had been he would not have used it. Now that does not seem to me to advance the Inquiry one bit. Mr. Cotter: My contention is that if that tackle had been there, at least some of our men might have been saved as well as some of the passengers. The Commissioner: His answer is that he would not have used them. 14801. (Mr. Cotter.) It is rather peculiar to have tackle of that description for the purpose of unshipping boats and not to use it. I put it, as a practical seaman, it should be used when it is there to use, and is the only means of getting those boats safely on to the deck. Can you tell us who draws up the boat list, or who drew up the boat list on the “Titanic”? - It is the first officer’s duty on the White Star ships. 14802. Did you see a boat list drawn up on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 14803. Did every member of the crew get a boat station? - I did not examine it in absolute detail and check it by the list. 14804. Is it general to have every member of the crew assigned to a boat station? - Yes. 14805. Also hand bulkhead door stations? - No. 14806. Who gives those out? - I could not tell you. 14807. Do you know where the hand bulkhead doors are stationed on the “Titanic”? - On the various decks. 14808. Did you ever see any door drill on the “Titanic”? - I have seen them all closed and opened. 14809. Where was that? - In Belfast. 14810. Did you see them on the voyage at all? - No. 14811. What is the general rule on board a ship - I am speaking to you now as an officer of many years’ standing - in case of collision. If everybody knew their stations, what kind of alarm
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