Page 187 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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list on that side. That is all I understand him. The Witness: That is right, my Lord. The Commissioner: And I am advised that that is right, Mr. Edwards. 14695. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) Has it occurred to you since that possibly the gangway doors were opened and were first opened on the port side and she took a lot of water through those doors? - No. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 14696. I understand you to say that the eyesight test had been maintained by the White Star Company? - As far as practicable. 14697. Is that from general knowledge or your own experience? - Personal experience. 14698. Would it surprise you to know that as a matter of fact the eyesight test has been discontinued for some considerable time at Southampton? - I might on the other hand say would it be of any use to you to know that I insist on it. 14699. Then I want to get it. Have you any experience outside your own ship, for instance, as to the general practice in the White Star Company? - No, I am speaking from personal knowledge. 14700. You could not say whether it is maintained except by yourself? - I am speaking purely from personal knowledge. 14701. Do you know that one of the look-out men had never done that duty before and was only qualified as an A.B. last year? - Quite possibly. 14702. Whose duty is it to see that the equipment of the lifeboats is maintained? - The Board of Trade’s. 14703. Is that carried out effectively? - It is, very effectively. 14704. As effectively on the White Star Line as in some of the other companies? - Speaking from my own experience at Southampton, it is particularly well carried out. 14705. I take it you mean that it would be the duty of the Board of Trade to see they are equipped, but it is the duty of the company to do the actual work of equipping them? - Undoubtedly. 14706. Whose duty is it from the company’s point of view to see they are equipped? - It rests primarily with the officers concerned, secondly with the Chief Officer, and, thirdly, with the Marine Superintendent. 14707. Do you know whether it is the duty of the shore staff to see these lifeboats are equipped? - I do know it is the duty of two men, who are told off to do nothing else while the ship is in port but go round and examine the lifeboats thoroughly, equipment, bread, water and everything else. 14708. How do you account for the fact that your boats were not equipped thoroughly? - I do not account for it. 14709. I mean with water and bread and all those things that are necessary? - May I ask how it comes to your knowledge? The Commissioner: I have already said those are very small matters; there is not much importance to be connected with any one of them. Mr. Lewis: They are important from our standpoint, the question of the equipment of the boats. The Commissioner: That may be, I know already in some respects those boats were not fully equipped, but I know also they had nothing to do with this calamity. Mr. Lewis: But my point is with respect that if the company were lax in regard to one particular point, there is the possibility of their being lax in other directions. The Commissioner: You can make that as a point, but it is nothing to examine this witness
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