Page 184 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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14627. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) Did you accompany Mr. Carruthers throughout his survey? - No; as I say part of the time. 14628. Can you say what part of the survey he did in your presence? - Yes; he examined the lifeboats, swung them out, lowered them down, hauled them up, and examined the equipment. 14629. That is the lifeboat equipment? - The lifeboat equipment - and tested the big anchor forward, swung that out and back again. I think that is all the time I had with him. I was with him most of the time he was with the lifeboats really, of any consequence. 14630. You were not present with him when he surveyed the bulkheads or apparatus for operating the doors? - Yes, I was through all the watertight bulkheads with him too. Pardon me, when I say with Mr. Carruthers, it was really for my own satisfaction. Whether Mr. Carruthers was there at the time I really could not say. Probably he was. 14631. Well, unless you know? - Well, I am not quite certain. 14632. When he tested the equipment of the lifeboats, did he check the list of things required by the Board of Trade rules to be put in the lifeboats? - I could not say that for certain. Previously we had already taken a check of the full complement of the boats by the officers; the officers themselves had been through all the boats, and got a list. 14633. It has been given in evidence here that some of the things in the Board of Trade list were not to be found on the boats when the accident happened? - That is right. 14634. Can you suggest why that was? - Yes, the things which you are alluding to I believe are compasses and lamps. As far as I understand those are not required to be carried in the boats. 14635. (The Commissioner.) Can you tell us where on board a steamer the lamps for the lifeboats are usually kept? - In the lamp room I believe, my Lord. 14636. And they are carried on the “Olympic” in the lamp room? - I presume so; I really could not say, my Lord. The Commissioner: I believe they are, Mr. Edwards. 14637. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) Anyhow, at Belfast you say that the Board of Trade Surveyor went through these things, and do you say that he found all that was required by the rules? - His report would be made to the Chief Officer, so I cannot answer for that. 14638. In your presence did he point out that anything was missing? - Nothing. 14639. From Belfast you came to Southampton. On the journey did you hear anything about a fire in the bulkhead between Section 5 and 6? - I did not. 14640. Have you at any time heard anything about a fire? - In a coal bunker? 14641. Yes. - No. 14642. In the ordinary course of things would a matter of that sort be reported to you as an officer? - No, not if it was slight, or I may say unless it became serious. 14643. Would it be reported to the Captain? - Very probably. 14644. Whose particular duty would it be to see that any fire occurring there was put out? - The Engineer’s. 14645. When you came to Southampton you said there was another representative of the Board of Trade. Who was that representative? - Captain Clark. 14646. Did you accompany him in his survey? - Part of the time. 14647. For how long? - I really could not say. I was with him part of the time. 14648. Who was with him the other part of the time? Could you say? - Yes, the Chief Officer that was then, Mr. Murdoch. 14649. While you were with the representative of the Board of Trade, Captain Clark, what part of the survey was done? - I really cannot remember what we went through with Captain Clark, unless it were the boats. Of course, on sailing day - well, that has nothing to do with the survey. 14650. What day did you arrive at Southampton - Saturday or Sunday, do you remember? - Sunday.
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