Page 177 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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propeller? - Quite so; it was done. 14518. It was done? - Yes. 14519. And, apart from the action of the helm, in what distance, by changing the propeller and putting one astern, could her course be changed? The Commissioner: Course be changed? Mr. Scanlan: I mean could she be changed in a circle. The Commissioner: You mean turned right round? Mr. Scanlan: Yes. The Commissioner: Do you mean turning half round or wholly round. Do you know which you mean. 14520. (Mr. Scanlan.) I do my Lord; I mean both. (To the Witness.) To turn her completely round on her axis so to speak, in her length, could she be turned on her axis by reversing one propeller? - You mean completing the circle? 14521. No, a half circle. - Sixteen points? 14522. Well, take it at 16 points. The Commissioner: I think I would drop this at present. The Witness: I do not quite understand. The Commissioner: Drop it at present. You will have somebody else who will be able to tell us far better. 14523. (Mr. Scanlan.) There is one other point. (To the Witness.) You have a master’s certificate and an extra master’s certificate? - Yes. 14524. Do you know whether or not a Captain of a first class ship like the “Titanic” has a great many duties to perform of a social nature apart from his duties on the bridge; I mean looking after the passengers? - Oh, no. Of course the purser is responsible to him, as everyone in the ship is responsible to him. 14525. Has not the Captain as a matter of fact to be a great deal away from the bridge? - Oh, dear no, not at all. He does not need to be away from the bridge at all. 14526. In practice is not the Captain a good deal away? - No. Do not misunderstand me. Say it is hazy weather or anything like that, he would never be away from the bridge. You might go from New York to Southampton and the Captain never away down amongst the passengers as far as that goes. Examined by Mr. ROCHE. 14527. You were the only watch-keeping officer who was saved? - Yes. 14528. So I want you to answer me a few questions about the equipment and system on the bridge before we come to what happened. Supposing you are in charge of the ship, and a collision happens, and it strikes another vessel or an iceberg, is it in your province to close the watertight bulkheads? - Yes. 14529. Without sending for the master? - Yes. 14530. By doing what, moving a lever? - Moving a lever over. 14531. And without any communication with the engine room; they have to do nothing to assist you? - You communicate by the bell push, just an alarm bell, previously, and then put the handle over. 14532. The alarm tells them it is going to be done? - Exactly. 14533. But it does not require that they should do anything to assist your operations? - Nothing whatever. 14534. Therefore in all probability these watertight doors were closed immediately the accident happened? - Yes. I may say I saw the watertight doors myself tested in Belfast; they
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